The V162-6.2 MW™ is designed for low to medium wind sites and has extensive application in high wind speeds.

V162-6.2 MW™ at a glance

As one of the first EnVentus turbines designed, the V162-6.2 MW™ delivers excellent Annual Energy Production under low to medium average wind conditions for primarily pad-constrained markets.

Due to the large operational envelope, the V162-6.2 MW™ also has extensive applicability in high average wind speeds. 

With a standard Sound Power Level of 104.8dB(A) and up to 30 percent higher energy production than the V150-4.2 MW™, the V162-6.2 MW™ establishes a new benchmark in competitiveness.

available for the 
V162-6.2 MW™ IEC S

  • Condition Monitoring System
  • Oil Debris Monitoring System
  • Service Personnel Lift
  • Low Temperature Operation to -30°C
  • Vestas Ice Detection™
  • Vestas Anti-Icing System™
  • Vestas Shadow Flicker Control System
  • Aviation Lights
  • Aviation Markings on the Blades
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Vestas Bat Protection System
  • Lightning Detection System
  • Power Optimised Modes

6.2 MW

Connecting proven system designs from the 2 MW, 4 MW, and 9 MW platforms, EnVentus™ variants feature a nominal rating of 6.2 MW with additional power optimised modes.


The V162-6.2 MW™ IEC S is designed for low to medium wind sites, with extensive application in high wind speeds.

40 years

With more than 177 GW of wind turbine capacity installed and 40 years of experience in relentlessly pursuing performance improvements, EnVentus™ is Vestas' next generation in the evolution of wind turbines.

Technical specifications

Power regulation operational data
Pitch regulated with variable speed
Rated power
Cut-in wind speed
Cut-out wind speed
Wind class
Standard operating temperature range
from -20°C* to +45°C


Rotor diameter
Swept area
Aerodynamic brake
full blade feathering with 3 pitch cylinders

50/60 Hz
full scale

two planetary stages

Hub heights
119 m (IEC S/DIBt S), 125 m (IEC S), 149 m (IEC S), 166 m (IEC S/DIBt S) and 169 m (DIBt S)

Carbon Footprint
6.2g CO2e/kWh
Return on energy break-even
6.5 months
Lifetime return on energy
37 times
Recyclability rate
Configuration: 149m hub height, Vavg=7.4m/s, k=2.22. Depending on site-specific conditions. Metrics are based on an externally reviewed Life Cycle Assessment available on

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