Our Codes of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct

The Vestas Employee Code of Conduct is a guide for employees to make the right decisions in their everyday work at Vestas. The Code lays out the behavioural expectations Vestas has of its more than 30,000 employees operating in over 40 countries. Each employee plays a role in upholding Vestas' culture of integrity, embodied by the Code’s tagline – Integrity starts with you. The Code outlines the behaviour Vestas expects from every employee and reflects the Vestas values: Accountability, Collaboration, Simplicity, and Passion. The Code is based on international standards and best practices.


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Supplier Code of Conduct 

Vestas requires suppliers to respect and comply with the Vestas Supplier Code of Conduct when conducting business. Vestas' suppliers play a central role in Vestas' mission to become the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, and Vestas relies on their commitment to conduct business ethically and responsibly. Vestas work with suppliers around the globe who share the same values and dedication to doing business with integrity. The Code is based on international standards and best practices.


Anti-corruption and Bribery


Vestas has been a signatory since 2010 to the business-driven global anti-corruption initiative Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) within the World Economic Forum. As a signatory, we are demonstrating that corruption cannot be countered without leadership and commitment from companies.

We proactively identify and manage our exposure to risk of bribery and corruption through our Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Programme.  As stated in our Compliance Programmes, Regional & Group Compliance drive the corporate culture of integrity through communication, engagement, and trainings.

Our policies within anti-corruption and bribery outline how we act. The Vestas Employee and Supplier Codes of Conduct have zero tolerance towards any form of bribery and corruption. Additionally, our Business Ethics Policy provides further guidance to our employees on how Vestas manages risks within Bribery, Facilitation Payments, Donations, Gifts & Hospitality, and Conflicts of Interest.

As stated in our policies, Vestas does not use corporate funds for donations that support political parties or individual politicians.



Anti-Slavery Statement


We prepare annual Modern Slavery Act statements pursuant to the UK Modern Slavery Act (2015) and the Australia Modern Slavery Act (2018). The Statements address the steps Vestas has taken to ensure that there is no modern slavery in our own business and our supply chain.

Vestas recognises that Modern Slavery (slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking) is an emerging global issue. As part of our commitment to respect human rights, stated in our Human Rights Policy, we are continuously working to ensure that human rights are respected in our own operations and by our business partners in relation to our value chain. Ensuring that employees are free from forced labour and human trafficking is a key aspect to upholding our commitment to respect human rights.