Energy Solutions

From industry-leading technology to intelligent service offerings, we’re pioneering sustainable energy solutions to bring renewables into the mainstream. 

The global leader in sustainable energy solutions 

We're on a mission to revolutionise the global energy system. For four decades, we’ve designed, manufactured, installed and serviced energy solutions that drive the vital shift to renewable energy, with wind at our core.

We were the first company to bring wind energy to more than 39 countries and were the first to install 100 GW of renewable energy capacity. 

We see a future where sustainable energy is not only universally accessible, but also environmentally responsible. A world where energy is equitable, economies thrive, and nature and communities can flourish. 

Energy solutions at a glance

+179 GW

Installed capacity

+149 GW

Wind turbines under service

88 countries

With Vestas wind turbines installed

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We lead the onshore wind market with over 40 years of expertise. Specialising in onshore wind turbine design and development, we collaborate with partners to provide comprehensive onshore wind solutions — from site selection to installation and beyond.


We have an unrivalled track record of making wind work at sea. Built on proven, world-class technology, we’re continuously pushing boundaries to bring offshore wind to life in even the most challenging environments. 


We maintain the world's largest wind turbine fleet, spanning over 55,000 turbines across 77 countries. Built on a strong, global foundation and data-driven insights, we ensure seamless support throughout the lifetime of your fleet. 


We turn renewable energy visions into reality. We specialise in scouting and securing permits for high-quality renewable energy projects, using our expertise to minimise risks and bring them to maturity.


Plant & Energy Solutions

With Vestas Plant & Energy Solutions, we are your dedicated business partner, supporting you in optimising the value of energy produced and reducing risks over the entire lifecycle of your power plant project.

Partnering to power the energy transition

Sustainable growth requires strong partnerships. We collaborate with industry leaders to develop and deliver wind energy projects while strengthening our energy supply chain. With over 12,000 global suppliers and 10 strategic partnerships, we continuously learn and share insights that allow us to scale renewable energy fast, while supporting our core business. By working together and focusing on what we do best, we can navigate industry challenges more effectively and speed up the green transition.

Purposeful work with the sustainable energy leader

Want to join a growing team of over 30,000 people working together to revolutionise our global energy system? We’re always on the lookout for innovative minds and creative thinkers, with exciting opportunities available all over the globe.