The areas of interest

For the 2024 Global Graduate Programme, we are pleased to offer Graduate positions within four distinct areas of interest:

  1. Business, Commercial & Strategy
  2. Digital, IT & Projects
  3. Supply Chain, Service & Logistics
  4. Engineering, R&D & Innovation

It is important to note that regardless of your initial choice, you will have the flexibility to change your area of interest during your second rotation. This adaptability ensures that your career development remains dynamic and aligned with your evolving goals and aspirations.

Business, Commercial & Strategy

In the Business, Commercial & Strategy domain at Vestas, we focus on shaping the future of renewable energy. We delve into market dynamics, commercial strategies, and strategic planning to ensure the sustainable growth of our organisation. As a Graduate in this field, you'll have the opportunity to drive innovation, explore new markets, and contribute to our mission of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy solutions.


Areas where these positions are placed:

  • Development
  • People and Culture (Human Resources)
  • Sales
  • Vestas Power Solutions (Technology)

Supply Chain, Service & Logistics

Supply Chain, Service & Logistics are integral components of Vestas’ success. We constantly focus on developing and sustaining a culture that allows everyone to thrive and reach their full potential. As a Graduate in this field, you'll contribute to our commitment to responsible business, best-in-class wind turbine maintenance, and resilient and dynamic supply chain solutions while shaping the future of our organisation and the renewable energy industry.


Areas where these positions are placed: 

  • Service
  • Sales
  • Operations

Digital, IT & Projects

At Vestas, Digital, IT & Projects play a pivotal role in our transformation. We lead the way in digitalisation, project management, and IT solutions. As a Graduate in this area, you'll be at the forefront of technological advancements, leveraging data, analytics, and cutting-edge technologies to optimise our wind energy solutions and enhance our global operations. You will be empowered to explore and implement solutions that not only shape the future of Vestas but also contribute to the broader landscape of technological progress.

Areas where these positions are placed:

  • Digital Solutions

Engineering, R&D & Innovation

Vestas is synonymous with innovation in the renewable energy sector. Our Engineering, R&D & Innovation teams are at the forefront of technology, designing cutting-edge wind turbines and pushing the boundaries of renewable energy solutions. As a Graduate in this domain, you'll work alongside experts, drive innovation, and help us maintain our position as a global leader in sustainable energy solutions. Join us in shaping a more sustainable future for the world through engineering excellence and groundbreaking innovation.

Areas where these positions are placed:

  • Vestas Power Solutions (Technology)