Rules of Disclosure

Rules of disclosure for Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Being a listed company, we must make every attempt to give all stakeholders a true and fair view of Vestas.

As a listed company on Nasdaq Copenhagen, Vestas is obliged to ensure that everyone has equal access to essential information about the company that may significantly affect the price of the Vestas share. Information is provided through company announcements, e.g.:

  • Financial reports
  • Announcements of firm and unconditional (see definition below) onshore and offshore wind turbine orders with a total capacity of 1 GW or more
  • Announcements of firm an unconditional service orders with a value of EUR 1bn or more 
  • Announcements of market penetrations 
  • Announcements of establishment of new production facilities 
  • Incentive schemes 
  • Major shareholder announcements

Share-sensitive information must be published quickly and, wherever possible, at the same time throughout the EU and EEA.

Information on other essential issues not subject to the rules governing Danish listed companies will be provided through news releases.

In order to ensure that Vestas Wind Systems A/S fulfills its stated obligations, the company has entered into an agreement with Cision Ltd. for the distribution of all company announcements, news releases, and financial reports from Vestas. 

Our definition of firm and unconditional orders

Firm and unconditional wind turbine orders are defined as orders for which the following is true: 

  • all ”conditions precedent” (CPs) must have been met, including the condition that Vestas is under an obligation to deliver the goods, and that the customer has an obligation to accept the goods and to ensure that financing is in place,
  • prepayment has been received and
  • any other conditions concerning the project have been met.