Are you a supplier looking for partnership opportunities?

The current market conditions and fierce competition within the wind industry increases the need for Vestas to rely more on suppliers to deliver outstanding quality, innovation and flexibility. This is key in order to reduce waste across the value chain and deliver benchmark cost levels for our products and services.

We are always looking for new suppliers who can deliver high-quality products at the right time and price. If you can deliver high-quality products at the right time and at the right price, please contact us by filling out the Supplier enquiry web form. 

Your inquiry will be sent to the appropriate sourcing representative who will contact you if they find your product/services interesting for Vestas.

To all our suppliers: Vestas’ General Purchasing Terms for Goods and Services will apply to all Vestas’ purchases, unless a separate agreement has been entered into between Vestas and the supplier. Please find below the relevant terms which will apply depending on the Vestas’ entity submitting the purchase order.

Invoice Instructions for Suppliers

Vestas’ mission is to deliver best-in-class wind energy solutions and set the pace in our industry to the benefit of our customers and the planet. To achieve our mission, we are guided by our high standards on how we do business. We consider our Business Partners to play a key role in supporting our mission. To support our Business Partners in following Vestas’ standards, we have developed our Business Partner Code of Conduct and these Guidelines.

Our Business Partner Code of Conduct outlines the minimum requirements that our Business Partners shall respect and comply with when conducting business with Vestas. We include these minimum requirements in our contracts with Business Partners. These Guidelines provide guidance for our Business Partners on our minimum requirements.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Vestas requires suppliers to respect and comply with the Vestas Supplier Code of Conduct when conducting business. Vestas' suppliers play a central role in Vestas' mission to become the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, and Vestas relies on their commitment to conduct business ethically and responsibly.

Vestas works with suppliers around the globe who share the same values and dedication to doing business with integrity. The Code is based on international standards and best practices.

Supplier Quality Manual

Vestas´ mission is to deliver best-in-class wind energy solutions and to set the pace in our industry to the benefit of our customers and our planet. We set ambitious targets, and suppliers to Vestas have a key role in ensuring that we achieve these goals. Along with a strong focus on safety and sustainability, it is crucial that quality is built into our entire value chain and always prioritized to prevent any compromise on performance or reliability. 

To support this mission, we have developed the Vestas Supplier Quality Manual. The purpose of this manual is to define a common framework of quality requirements and best practices which must be in place to ensure a successful and professional relationship between Vestas and its suppliers.


Supplier Quality Manual revision 3.0 introduced 31.07.2023
  • Order and organization of chapters reviewed.
  • Reference to Vestas’ “Supplier Code of Conduct” removed, managed in Purchase Agreement or Vestas General Purchasing Terms.
  • Hierarchy of documents updated, Figure A.
  • Qualification Process for Indirect scope reviewed.
  • Triggers for Re-Assessment updated.
  • Section for Product / Service Development pre-requisites created.  Subsection for Maintenance requirements added. Subsection for Details for End Customer Audit, Test and Inspection reviewed.
  • APQP Training requirements updated. Subsection for Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) for direct scope of supply updated.
  • Subsection for Product Part Approval Process for direct scope of supply updated.
  • Management for Vestas stipulated sub-suppliers updated.
  • Supplier Performance Criteria: definitions revised. Supplier risk added.
  • Section for Supplier Escalation Process added.
  • Section for Supplier Development Tools added.
  • Section for Other Product Specific Quality Requirements added.
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Supplier Quality Manual
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