Your Development

Your Career and Development Journey

Our biggest asset is our people. We take pride in investing in our people to empower and bring out the best in all our colleagues, ensuring that we can continue to grow both as individuals and as One Vestas. We want to provide opportunities for everyone to develop their potential, strengthen their competencies, and prepare for future roles and responsibilities. 

Continuous Development

To support and allow everyone to reach their full potential, we sustain a continuous people process with development at its core. 

With our performance and development process, “Continuous Performance & Development” (CPD), managers and employees have regular check-ins throughout the year where topics such as well-being, development, career aspirations, and performance are discussed. In the CPD dialogue, employees are evaluated based on our values. 

We aim to create a steppingstone to continuously discuss aspirations and set objectives to support our people’s ambitions in the coming year. Thereby, we want to ensure that their career is heading in the right direction for them and for Vestas. 

How We Learn at Vestas

We consider learning to be fundamental to our employees’ development and growth. At Vestas, we develop our colleagues' core and functional skills. Core skills are skills that are core to all of us regardless of our job, region, or function, while functional skills are technical skills specific to any given function and role.

Our learning approach is founded on the 3Es model which bases itself on the principles of multiple learning sources: 

70 % learning
from job experience
20 % learning
from others through exposure
10 % learning
from structured education

That’s why we offer blended learning formats, including traditional virtual classroom trainings, workshops, mentoring, e-learning, gamified learning, on-the-job experiences, etc. We have a full library of world-class courses to choose from within a wide variety of topics and skills. In this way, we aim to meet the different learning needs and behaviours of our colleagues, and we allow them to tailor their development and learning journey to their specific goals and ambitions. 

Our Talent Programmes

As part of our people strategy, we nominate a number of high potential employees to our talent programmes. With different programmes targeted towards different levels of the organisation, we aim to offer best-in-class development opportunities across the organisation while building a pipeline of future Vestas leaders.

The purpose of the different talent programmes is to provide a group of selected employees with a targeted 10-month development experience designed to accelerate their personal and leadership growth.

Throughout the programmes, participants have rich opportunities for self-reflection, mentoring, feedback, and sparring regarding their career, while providing participants with leadership tools and knowledge as well as a chance to build global networks across the organisation.  

The Vestas Graduate Programme is also part of our talent programme offerings. You can read much more about the graduate programme here