Parts and Repair

Industry-leading transactional repair and spare parts services to keep turbines spinning and costs at a minimum.

Seamless, transactional parts and repair services

We’ve made it our goal to streamline access to spare parts and repair solutions for your wind turbine fleet. Through our dedication to innovation and ongoing R&D, we offer industry-leading, cost-effective repair options tailored to your fleet's needs every month.

With the industry's largest service supply chain, we blend global scale with an extensive local presence, supporting over 55,000 turbines with tailored solutions for wind farm owners.


Parts & Repair at a glance


More than 100,000 spare parts and services are available on Shop.Vestas, the world's largest spare parts shop for wind turbines


We offer you access to industry's largest network of global and local parts suppliers, more than 1,200 of them.


Our global service organisation supplies more than a whopping 350,000 parts to our customers every year.

Global reach, local presence

We have the industry's largest service supply chain, combining our global scale with our extensive footprint to offer the best of both worlds. This allow us to utilise the supply chain that services more than 57,000 turbines to create local solutions for wind farm owners.

Inspect for timely interventions

Routine inspections offer an accurate and cost-effective means to proactively minimise or prevent serious and costly damage to components. We provide a wide range of inspection technologies, including cameras, telescopes, endoscopes, drones and software analytics.

Repair over replace for efficiency

Timely and efficient repairs of wind turbine components can yield huge cost savings over the lifetime of a wind farm, especially when conducted on-site with minimal turbine downtime. We offer on-site repair solutions to ensure the smooth operation of your wind farm.

Major components just need that extra care

Core components like generators, gearboxes, and blades are pivotal in keeping a turbine running safely and smoothly. We specialise in servicing these major components, offering solutions such as uptower repairs, preventive inspections, and fixed-fee services to mitigate risks for asset owners.

Check out some of our major component services below.

Blade services

From inspection to intervention and full coverage blade services

Gearbox services

Industry-leading repair and refurbish capabilities, uptower and at our repair shops

Generator services

Advanced generator services, including repairs and upgrades

Get access to more than 100,000 spare parts on

Shop.Vestas provides convenient access to the largest catalogue of Vestas spare parts across consumables, minor and major components, as well as parts for other turbine OEMs.

Shop.Vestas is integrated with Vestas’ best-in-class technical sales personnel, who will guide you through your purchasing journey.  

Explore more offerings from the world's leading service provider

Multibrand services

We currently service more than 8.5 GW of non-Vestas turbines all over the world, with the same rigourous dedication to ensuring the best possible site performance.

Maintenance services

Maximise the return of your wind farm with the most experienced maintenance partner in the industry. With Vestas, you’ll optimise energy production and lower operational costs, making it easier for you to reach your wind energy ambitions.

Digital services

Explore our suite of digital services, providing online access to over 100,000 parts and industry-leading analytics tools, all aimed at improving the performance of your sites and optimising your operations.

Take your service career to new heights

Be part of our 12,000+ strong team of dedicated service technicians and in-the-field colleagues, who work every day to keep our turbines running smoothly, with safety as a top priority.

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