Investor Relations

Investors, shareholders, financial analysts, brokerage firms, representatives of banks and other investment professionals should address inquiries concerning Vestas and its businesses to Vestas' Investor Relations department.

Silent periods
Vestas’ communication with its stakeholders is subject to restrictions during the so-called “silent periods”, i.e. a period of four weeks prior to the announcement of each quarterly report and annual report. During these periods, communication with the stakeholders is 

limited, and we may not comment on financial results, expectations or market forecasts.

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Contact the IR team

For general questions, as well as requests for calls or meetings and invitations to conferences, please write to:


Daniel Patterson

Vice President, Head of Investor Relations
Tel: +45 2669 2725
Email: DNPAT(at)


Frederik Holm Jacobsen

Senior Specialist
Investor Relations 
Email: FEKJA(at)


Mette Godiksen

IR Manager & ESG Coordinator
Investor Relations 
Email: MEGOD(at)


Henriette Mourier Bohn

Investor Relations Coordinator
Email: HEEBH(at)

News services

News services

Through our news service you can sign up to receive company announcements and press releases per email as soon as they are disclosed.

Investor Portal

As a registered shareholder you have access to the Investor Portal , where you can sign up to receive the convening for the general meeting by email. You can also subscribe to receive our financial reports and Vestas' shareholder information. 

Privacy Policy

In Vestas' Privacy Policy you will find information about how we use your personal data.

Shareholder Privacy Notice
IR's News Services Subscriber Privacy Notice

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