Managing Chemicals

Chemical management includes global procedures for approval of new chemicals, local instructions for handling, transporting and storing chemicals and a global chemical database for sharing knowledge from suppliers. In cooperation with a global provider of chemical, regulatory and compliance information services we have implemented a global chemical management system.

This includes an online system where our employees can enter and obtain essential information about the chemicals and hazardous substances used in making Vestas products. Some of the essential information which is available to the employees in the database includes safety datasheets and information about the handling, usage, transport and disposal of dangerous goods.

In order to adapt to changing chemical legislation globally like GHS, CLP and EU directives REACH and RoHS, we continuously update a central list, which identifies substances that are prohibited by various legislation around the world and restricts certain substances in our product manufacturing and service processes.

We require our suppliers to fulfill the requirements on the Vestas prohibited and restricted substance document for all products delivered to Vestas. If the product contains chemicals or materials restricted according to the Vestas prohibited and restricted substance document, the supplier must perform health and safety evaluations to ensure correct use of the chemicals and materials.

Furthermore, it is expected that the supplier creates an action plan for phasing out these restricted substances and finding alternatives. In parallel, we need to assess if a time-bound dispensation can be signed off and/or if the product can be substituted.

Vestas prohibited and restricted substances document
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Vestas prohibited and restricted substances document