Vestas Strategic Partners

Our partnerships

With our strategic partnerships we are taking our collaboration initiatives to the next level. The partnerships go across the entire value chain and range from strategic customers to strategic supplier partnerships.

Sustainable growth and scale require strong partnerships. 

The long-term outlook for our industry looks bright, but in the short-term we are challenged by geopolitical uncertainty, lack of industry maturity and tough cost pressure supplemented with uneven value distribution across the value chain. We all need to focus on what we do best and leverage synergies to scale up together with our partners.

Sustainable growth and scale, and meeting our ambitious goals, requires strong partnerships across the renewable industry. At Vestas we want to lead the way to strengthen the renewable eco-system to grow, mature and build a resilient energy value chain.

To truly create the right market fundamentals, we must partner closely across the entire value chain. Through long-term partnerships, we can develop and deliver wind energy projects that are mutually beneficial for our partners and us.

Strategic Partnerships
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Our approach

We learn together 

Our strategic partners support our strategic focus on our core business and help scale renewables efficiently in the long-term and mature our industry.

Creating and capturing value from partnerships is a team sport, and we are on a learning journey together with our partners.

We recognise that capturing the value of our mutual partnerships requires persistency, transparency, and trust.

Across the value chain 

While we on the supplier side have focused on establishing long-term strategic supplier partnerships for multiple years, we are now also expanding our partnership approach to customers.

The past years, we have announced several new strategic supplier partnerships including e.g. Maersk, KK Wind Solutions and LM Wind Power. We have also formalized existing long-term collaboration with suppliers into strategic supplier partnerships e.g. with TPI Composites and ZF.