Ethicsline: Our Whistleblower Platform



EthicsLine: Our Whistleblower Platform

Vestas is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees to speak up if they witness misconduct. If employees or business partners see or suspect behaviour that violates the Code, we depend on them to report it to EthicsLine, the Vestas whistleblower system. This will allow EthicsLine to investigate and address the issue. Even if they are not sure or do not have all of the evidence, we encourage them to share as much information as they have with EthicsLine.          

Reports can be made anonymously and all cases are kept confidential, whether names are provided or not. EthicsLine is hosted on a secure, external website where anyone can raise concerns safely and anonymously. Vestas has zero tolerance for retaliation taken against whistleblowers and witnesses.                   

You can report suspicions or concerns through Ethicsline.