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General Information

The shareholders in the general meetings are our supreme authority in all company matters subject to the relevant legislation and Vestas' articles of association.

All shareholders are entitled to have equal access to submit proposals, attend, vote, and speak at general meetings. The right of a shareholder to attend a general meeting and to vote is determined relative to the shares held by the shareholder at the record date. The record date is one week before the general meeting.

Each shareholder has 20 votes per share that is registered on the record date. 

Any shareholder who is entitled to attend a General Meeting and who wishes to attend or to be represented by proxy, must notify us of their attendance no later than three days before the date of the relevant general meeting.

Annual General Meeting 2022

Vestas Wind Systems A/S Annual General Meeting was held on 5 April 2022.

Relevant Documents
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Notice for the Annual General Meeting
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Votes Cast Report 2022
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Annual Report 2021
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Remuneration Report 2021
Annual General Meeting 2022
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The Board’s general intention is to recommend a dividend of 25-30 percent of the year’s net result after tax, which will be paid out following the approval by the annual general meeting.

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