Vestas Graduate Programme

Do you want to play a pivotal part in the green energy transition, alongside talented colleagues?

The Vestas Graduate Programme is an important part of our talent strategy. Through the programme, we aim to seek out the future people- and business leaders, specialists, and project managers that can help us reach our ambitious objectives – and make the world a better place while doing so.

The programme is the ideal opportunity for you to embark on an exciting global career while contributing to the solution of one of the most urgent challenges of our time: the climate crisis.

The recruitment window for the 2023 Vestas Graduate Programme has closed at this time. Thank you for all of your applications! We will begin recruitment for the 2024 cohort in late 2023.

About the Vestas Graduate Programme

As a global programme, the Vestas Graduate Programme provides you with the opportunity to work in two different areas and locations of our organisation, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of our purpose, values, and culture. Throughout the two years, you will get two rotations of 12 months each, starting in September. You will be exposed to five modules, each with a different leadership focus. 
By joining the programme, you will be part of an ambitious company with a strong focus on both your personal and professional development, as you receive tasks with a progressive increase in complexity and responsibility. 

The tracks

In the programme, we work with three predefined tracks that are designed to support our strategic needs. You will rotate within the track, meaning that both of your rotations will be within the track you apply for. 

We provide the tools you need to power your career

As a graduate, you will hold a full-time position where you will be equipped with the tools, support, and knowledge you need to succeed. To continuously ensure progress in your skills, your will benefit from:

  • A comprehensive onboarding programme
  • A buddy assigned to you in your first period
  • Ongoing meetings with your manager
  • An inspiring mentor programme
  • An annual Graduate Camp
  • Continuous Performance Dialogues
  • Monthly team meetings with your graduate team