Sustainability Product Offerings

Sustainability collaborations and customer commitments are vital to drive the transition towards an even more sustainable wind industry. Supplier partnerships coupled with the adoption of our sustainability product offerings are key levers in reducing CO2e emissions and waste from wind turbine production, while increasing the value of our products to our customers

Blade Circularity

A breakthrough in the CETEC project has resulted in a new chemical process that makes epoxy-based turbine blades circular, without the need for changing the design or composition of blade material. 

Through a newly established value chain, supported by Nordic recycling leader Stena Recycling and global epoxy manufacturer Olin, Vestas will now focus on scaling up the novel chemical disassembly process into a commercial solution. Once mature, the solution will signal the beginning of a circular economy for all existing, and future epoxy-based turbine blades. 

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Low-emission steel

Recognising the environmental impact of steel and iron components, Vestas has established a partnership with ArcelorMittal to launch a low-emission steel offering that significantly reduces lifetime carbon dioxide emissions from the production of wind turbine towers. This is yet another initiative where Vestas continues to execute on its sustainability strategy which also includes addressing the materials, we use to make wind turbines.

Steel and iron constitute 80-90% of a wind turbine's material mass, and approximately 50% of a turbine’s total lifecycle emissions. With the partnership with ArcelorMittal, Vestas takes an important step forward to reduce CO2 emissions occurring in its supply chain and can achieve a 66% decrease in emission intensity per kg steel compared with steel produced via the conventional steelmaking route.

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We are working actively in the development of composite recycling technologies to achieve our goal of zero-waste wind turbines by 2040 when making offshore wind turbines and onshore wind solutions.

Sustainability Strategy

As Vestas is committed to leading the transition to a world entirely powered by sustainable energy, we will not use carbon offsets to help us achieve carbon neutrality. Instead, we will deliver CO2 reductions through our own actions.