EnVentus™ Platform

EnVentus™ represents the next generation in the evolution of wind turbines.

The foundation for the future of wind

Introducing EnVentus™, the height of wind turbine evolution. With its modular design, our smartest platform yet swiftly adapts to diverse market and project needs without compromising on performance.

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+ 7 GW

Installed capacity

+ 13 GW

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Platform variants

Built on the shoulders of giants

Leveraging over four decades of expertise, the EnVentus™ platform fuses our  widest-applied onshore technologies. Advanced modularity enables easy customisation with reusable modules, tailored to each market and onshore project.

Engineered with a full-scale converter, it ensures compliance with diverse grid code regulations worldwide. With a range of standard hub heights, options, and operating modes, our platform offers the ultimate flexibility to meet any project's unique needs.


Let's talk sustainability


5.6 - 7.1

gCO2e/kWh vs. ≈ 1002 for a coal plant

Energy neutral after

5.9 - 7.4

months of operation


32 - 41x

more energy than it consumes

Recyclability rating



Case: Mutkalampi wind farm

The 404 MW Mutkalampi site is the largest active wind farm in Finland. The 69-turbine site is strategically located in Finland’s Central and Northern Ostrobothnia regions to capture the potent winds of the area. 

Featuring a mix of our V150-4.2 MW and V162-6.0 EnVentus turbines, this site marks the largest EnVentus order in Europe. Its construction was accomplished in a record time of just three months, and involved 42 kilometres of new roads, and the installation of three complete substations.

A career at the forefront of sustainable change 

The onshore wind industry is growing – fast. From engineering to construction, we're constantly on the lookout for talent to help us revolutionise the global energy system.