V150-6.0 MW™

The V150-6.0 MW™ offers a large operational envelope, optimising production in medium to high wind speeds.

V150-6.0 MW™  at a glance

The V150-6.0 MW™ lifts the larger rotor introduced with V150-4.2 MW™ into stronger wind speeds. Combined with its higher generator rating, it increases the production potential at turbine level by more than 20 percent compared to V150-4.2 MW™ in medium wind speed conditions. 

Applying Vestas’ most advanced aerofoil blade design combined with lower rotational speeds of the EnVentus™ drivetrain, means realisation of power production potential at very low sound power levels. A comprehensive portfolio of standard and site-specific towers allow for application in tip height constraint markets, varying from 180m to 230m. 

Utilising Vestas LDST tower technology, V150-6.0 MW™ can take advantage of favorable wind conditions at 166m hub height.

available for the 
V150-6.0 MW™ IEC S

  • Condition Monitoring System
  • Oil Debris Monitoring System
  • Service Personnel Lift
  • Low Temperature Operation to -30°C
  • Vestas Ice Detection™
  • Vestas Anti-Icing System™
  • Vestas Shadow Flicker Control System
  • Aviation Lights
  • Aviation Markings on the Blades
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Vestas Bat Protection System
  • Lightning Detection System
  • Power Optimised Modes
  • Vestas SiteLCA

6.0 MW

Connecting proven system designs from the 2 MW, 4 MW, and 9 MW platforms, EnVentus™ variants feature a nominal rating of 6.0 MW with additional power optimised modes.


The V150-6.0 MW™ is designed for medium to high wind speeds with high turbulence capacity, offering a large operational envelope.

40 years

With more than 177 GW of wind turbine capacity installed and 40 years of experience in relentlessly pursuing performance improvements, EnVentus™ is Vestas' next generation in the evolution of wind turbines.

Technical specifications

Power regulation operational data
Pitch regulated with variable speed
Rated power
Cut-out wind speed
Cut-out wind speed
Wind class
Standard operating temperature range
from -20°C* to +45°C


Rotor diameter
Swept area
Aerodynamic brake
full blade feathering with 3 pitch cylinders

50/60 Hz
full scale

two planetary stages

Hub heights
105 m (IEC S), 125 m (IEC S/DIBt S), 148 m (DIBt S), 155 m (IEC S) and 166 m (DIBt S)

Carbon Footprint
5.6g CO2e/kWh
Return on energy break-even
5.9 months
Lifetime return on energy
41 times
Recyclability rate
Configuration: 155m hub height, Vavg=8.0m/s, k=2.48. Depending on site-specific conditions. Metrics are based on an externally reviewed Life Cycle Assessment available on vestas.com

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