Onshore wind turbines

With Vestas as your supplier and business partner, you are basing your investment on documented processes: More than 40 years experience, insights and knowledge of wind.

The industry leader in onshore wind

Onshore wind forms the backbone of tomorrow’s sustainable energy system. It’s abundant, cost-competitive and laden with benefits from job creation to energy independence and security.

With 179 GW of installed onshore capacity, Vestas leads the industry, delivering high-performing wind energy projects backed by some of the most advanced onshore wind platforms in the world. Beyond the turbine, we take care of everything from siting, manufacturing, construction, and installation to final commissioning in cooperation with our partners.



Technology Evolution

Servicing the world’s largest fleet

Our team of more than 12,000 dedicated service technicians maintain and supports the biggest wind turbine fleet in the world – more than 55,000 wind turbines across 77 countries. We take care of:

Vestas Refurbished Turbines: Our solution to solve your project challenges

Vestas Refurbished Turbines offer a complete solution including the supply of refurbished turbines, transportation to the site and installation.

Benefit from minimized capital expenditures and take advantage of reduced infrastructure requirements while achieving a lower carbon footprint compared to installing new turbines in your wind power project.

A career at the forefront of sustainable change 

The onshore wind industry is growing – fast. From engineering to construction, we're constantly on the lookout for talent to help us revolutionise the global energy system.