Explore Life at Vestas

At Vestas, sustainability defines us

It anchors our passion to shape a more renewable future, powers collaboration in a diverse environment, and propels everyone's careers, allowing us to grow together.

Creating a sustainable future requires a team of devoted energy visionaries. That is why we seek the best possible candidates who enable us to power the solution.

No matter whether your role is to rethink a wind turbine’s design, to calculate its costs, or to climb 80 meters to service it, we are looking for talent with the expertise, commitment, and innovative capabilities to drive us forward - today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

At Vestas, we power the solution. The question is: Can you?

The values that guide our behaviour


We have the courage to speak up and deliver on our commitments. 


We win and lose together and pick the best team for the job.


We strive to simplify our work and our solutions to the benefit of our customers.


We are committed to our Planet, People, and Vestas. 

Your career and development

We take pride in empowering our colleagues and believe in entrusting people with a high level of responsibility, of course with the needed support from skilled colleagues and relevant training.

By providing you with the right tools to succeed through learning and development opportunities, we aim to bring out the best in all our colleagues. We aim to grow together, both as people and as a company. 

Where will you power the solution?


A career at a site

Learn more about life at a Vestas site. 


A career in production

Learn more about life at a Vestas production facility.


A career in an office

Learn more about life in a Vestas office. 

A diverse and
inclusive Vestas

We believe that facilitating a diverse and inclusive culture is crucial to accelerate the green energy transition. With different people come different ways of thinking, resulting in a stronger and more innovative team that is better equipped to address the challenges of the future.

To read more about diversity and inclusion at Vestas, please click the link below.

The diversity and inclusion journey is a continuous one and we strive to become better every single day. We are committed to ensuring that all our potential, future and current colleagues are guaranteed equal opportunities regardless of their social identity.

A natural first step in this process is ensuring that our recruitment process supports the intake of diverse people. To read more about diversity and inclusion in recruitment, please click the link below.