Our Values

The way we work 


Vestas’ purpose is shaped by a passion to make the world a better place and to contribute to a sustainable future. The company’s more than 29,000 passionate employees are its most important asset and the foundation upon which its achievements are built. It is therefore essential to constantly develop and sustain a culture that allows everyone to thrive and reach their full potential.

The four values are Simplicity, Collaboration, Accountability, and Passion, and they are embedded in all People & Culture (HR) processes.

We strive to simplify our work and our solutions to the benefit of our customers.

Guiding Leadership Behaviours:

Our Starting Point
We never compromise on safety and always follow our Code of Conduct.

Customer Perspective
We strive to take an outside-in perspective to challenge our thinking and to identify and create customer value.

Agility & Focus
We are ready to adjust quickly and simplify how we work. We drive continuous improvement while focusing on our long-term strategy.

Clarity of Intent
We make our goals, outcomes and objectives as clear as possible, and give teams freedom to execute.

We win and lose together, and pick the best team for the job.

Guiding Leadership Behaviours:

Integrity & Respect
We are consistent, constructive and always lead by example.

We proactively share information and engage and communicate with clarity, conviction, and impact.

We value diversity and different perspectives. We build, lead and contribute to high-performing teams that make better-informed decisions and solutions.

Listen & Learn
We try to understand other viewpoints before making our viewpoint understood. We lead a feedback culture, asking for and learning from feedback.

We have the courage to speak up and deliver on our commitments.

Guiding Leadership Behaviours:

Decide and Act
We acknowledge responsibilities and decisions made and hold each other accountable for them.

Understand what’s best for all of Vestas
We understand the business and do what serves Vestas best across the entire business.

Speak up
We have the courage to raise our hand and ask questions, seek clarity or raise concerns.

Keep your word
We see commitments as promises – so we always keep them. 

We are dedicated to our Planet, People and Vestas.

Guiding Leadership Behaviours:

We are proud of our shared purpose to make the planet a better place, and we always seek to make our work and its impact as sustainable as possible.

Intelligent Courage
We have the courage to think differently and to constantly seek further understanding and knowledge.

We act on our role to inspire colleagues, bringing out their best and enabling them to make smart choices and decisions.

We show perseverance and determination to keep focused on our goals – even when facing adversity.