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On this page you can find information about the Vestas share, basic data and information on major shareholders, as well as an overview of dividend, and share capital history.

The Vestas share - a sustainable investment

We are the undisputed global leader in wind power, and our sustainability strategy is: Sustainability in Everything We Do.

We have more than 200,000 dedicated shareholders from over 100 different countries that follow us closely on our journey To Become the Global Leader in Sustainable Energy Solutions.

We were listed at Nasdaq Copenhagen in 1998 and our ticker symbol is VWS.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S’ share is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen with more than 200,000 shareholders registered by name.

Basic data 
Stock exchangeNasdaq Copenhagen
Stock exchange quotation1998
ISIN codeDK0061539921
Ticker symbolVWS
Share capitalDKK 201,973,452
Nominal denominationDKK 0.20
Number of shares1,009,867,260
Share classesOne share class
Voting rightsOne share carries 20 votes
Free float100 percent free float
Trading lot (minimum)None, one share is tradable

Share-based incentive programmes

Vestas' total share capital of nominally DKK 201,973,452. The share is calculated in units of DKK 0.20. Each share carries 20 votes.

Our share is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen with more than 200,000 shareholders registered by name. According to our shareholder register, we have shareholders from over 100 different countries, dominated by shareholders from the USA, UK and Denmark, respectively. At the end of 2023, institutional invetors accounted for around 85 percent.

Major shareholder
BlackRock Inc, Wilmington, DE U.S.A. has informed us that their holding of Vestas shares exceeds 5 percent of the share capital.

Treasury shares
On 31 December 2023, Vestas Wind Systems A/S held a total of 3,393,605 treasury shares, corresponding to 0.3 percent of the share capital, which we will use to cover long-term incentive awards.

Authorisations granted to the Board
Authorisations granted to the Board According to article 3 of the Articles of Association, the Board is authorised to increase the company’s share capital in one or more issues of new shares up to a nominal value of DKK 20,197,345. The authorisation is valid until 1 April 2026. 

At the Annual General Meeting in 2023, the shareholders authorised the Board to let the company acquire treasury shares for the period to 31 December 2024 equal to 10 percent of the share capital at the time of authorisation. This is on the provision that the nominal value of the company’s total holding of treasury shares at no time exceeds 10 percent of the company’s share capital at the point of authorisation.

The Vestas share is registered on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange only, under securities code DK0061539921, and is part of the OMX C25 index.

Stakeholders outside Denmark who wish to buy Vestas shares must contact one of the major international banks in their country for further information.

Stakeholders in Denmark may, however, also buy Vestas shares online, via internet banking or any Danish bank.

Dividend and dividend history

Any decision to distribute cash to shareholders will be made in due consideration of the capital structure targets and availability of excess cash. Determining the level of excess cash will always be based on the company’s growth plans and liquidity requirements.

The Board’s general intention is to recommend a dividend of 25-30 percent of the year’s net result after tax, which will be paid out following the approval by the Annual General Meeting.

Payment day:  The third bank day after the General Meeting

Currency: Danish kroner (DKK)

Overview of dividends paid
Profit for the year (mEUR)78(1,572)143771700
Cash flow from investing activities before acquisitions of subsidiaries and financial investments (mEUR)823758773687**729
Dividend (mEUR)--50230211
Dividend per share (EUR)