How to buy Vestas shares

The Vestas share is registered on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange only, under securities code DK0061539921, and is part of the OMX C25 index.

Stakeholders outside Denmark who wish to buy Vestas shares must contact one of the major international banks in their country for further information.

Stakeholders in Denmark may, however, also buy Vestas shares online, via internet banking or any Danish bank.

Current share price

Basic data  
Stock exchange Nasdaq Copenhagen
Stock exchange quotation 1998
ISIN code DK0061539921
Ticker symbol VWS
Share capital DKK 201,973,452
Nominal denomination DKK 0.20
Number of shares 1,009,867,260
Share classes One share class
Voting rights One share carries 20 votes
Free float 100 per cent free float
Trading lot (minimum) None, one share is tradable

Share price monitor

Share capital history

Since the initial public offering in 1998, Vestas' share capital has been changed a number of times latest in April 2021 where we carried out a  share split at a ratio of  1:5. After the share split, Vestas' total share capital of  nominally DKK 201,973,452  corresponds to 1,009,867,260  shares of nominally DKK 0.20.

Date Activity Denomination (DKK) Total no. of shares
28 April  Share split  0.20 1,009,867,260
14 December 
Private placement
Nominal increase: DKK 5,049,337
06 May
Reduction of share capital
Nominal decrease: DKK 1,977,848
07 May Reduction of share capital
Nominal decrease: DKK 6,794,040
1 198,901,963


File title:
Total overview of Vestas' share capital history

Dividend and dividend history

Any decision to distribute cash to shareholders will be made in due consideration of the capital structure targets and availability of excess cash. Determining the level of excess cash will always be based on the company’s growth plans and liquidity requirements.

The Board’s general intention is to recommend a dividend of 25-30 percent of the year’s net result after tax, which will be paid out following the approval by the Annual General Meeting.

Payment day:                   The third bank day after the General Meeting

Currency:                              Danish kroner (DKK)

In April 2021, the Annual General Meeting approved a dividend payment for the eighth time in a row - a dividend of EUR 1.14 per share.
  2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Profit for the year (mEUR) 771 700 683 894 965
Cash flow from investing activities before acquisitions of subsidiaries and financial investments (mEUR) 659 729 603 407 617
Dividend (mEUR) 230 211 205 267 289
Dividend per share (EUR) 1.14 1.06 1.00 1.24 1.31

Equity analysts and consensus

The consensus sheet is prepared based on input received from the analysts covering the Vestas share and is prepared approx. two weeks before and after the disclosure of a financial report. Participation and sample size may vary.


Currently around 25 analysts cover the Vestas share. Please see their contact information below.

Company Analyst Telephone Country
ABG Sundal Collier In transition   Denmark
Bank of America Merrill Lynch George Featherstone
+44 20 7996 9028 UK
Henry Tarr
+44 20 3207 7827  UK
Bernstein Deepa Venkateswaran +44 20 7959 4915 UK
Dan Togo
+45 3288 0245 Denmark
Martin Wilkie
+44 20 7986 4077 UK
Credit Suisse
Mark Freshney
+44 20 7888 0887 UK
Danske Bank
In transition   Denmark
Deutsche Bank
Gael de-Bray (interim)
+33 1 4495 6562 UK
Exane BNP Paribas
Michael Harleaux
+44 20 3430 8478 UK
Goldman Sachs
Ajay Patel
+44 20 7552 1168 UK
Handelsbanken Gustaf Schwerin +46 (0)87011381  
Sean Diego Mcloughlin
+44 207 991 3464 UK
J.P. Morgan Akash Gupta    
Jyske Bank
Janne Vincent Kjær
+45 8989 7036 Denmark
Kepler Cheuvreux
Douglas Lindahl
+46 8 723 5173 Sweden
Morgan Stanley
Ben Uglow
Tel: +44 20 7425 8750 UK
Matthew Donen
+31 20 797 0012 Netherlands
Nordea Markets
Claus Almer
+45 5547 8041 Denmark
Pareto Securities
Bård Rosef
+47 2413 2156 Norway
Virginia Sanz de Madrid Grosse
+34 91 257 0839 Spain
SEB Enskilda
Kristian Tornøe Johansen +45 33 28 33 07 Denmark
Societe Generale
Rajesh Singla
+91 80 6732 2149 India
Jacob Pedersen
+45 7437 4452  Denmark
Supriya Subramanian
+44 20 7568 4819 UK

Disclaimer: According to Vestas' information, the analysts listed above cover the Vestas share. Analyses from these analysts have not been presented to the company for approval. Vestas thus disclaims the content of such analyses.