Life Cycle Assessments

"At Vestas we perform life cycle assessments (LCAs) of all our products, which evaluates the complete value-chain performance from raw material manufacture, through to operation, transport and end-of-life.  This forms the backbone of taking a fact-based approach to provide high-transparency of the complete environmental performance of products and technologies, allowing us to measure, track and improve performance and to support meeting our global sustainability objectives." 

Life Cycle Assessments of our turbines

Vestas works with Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to develop increasingly energy-efficient products whilst mitigating the environmental impacts throughout the turbine's lifetime. Since 1999, Vestas has been developing Life Cycle Assessments of wind power to provide a ‘cradle to grave’ evaluation of the environmental impacts of Vestas’ products and activities.

The studies assess a wind turbine’s entire bill-of-materials accounting for the approximately 25,000 parts that make up a wind turbine. In a Life Cycle Assessment, a complete wind power plant is assessed up to the point of the electricity grid, including the wind turbine itself, foundation, site cabling and the transformer station.

Vestas SiteLCA™


Vestas offers customers the opportunity to acquire a customised Life Cycle Assessment of their own wind power plant called Vestas SiteLCA™. It determines key indicators of environmental performance and evaluates the specific the wind turbine type, site specific conditions and the production supply chain.

The environmental performance of a wind power plant is site and layout specific and varies across the globe according to local site performance and manufacturing supply chain. 

SiteLCA™ Benefits

SiteLCA™ provides customers or project developers with transparent environmental facts (such as carbon footprint, return on-energy, water-use or environmental benefits, etc.) of a specific wind plant. These fact-based indicators increase business case certainty by supporting the customer’s own sustainability strategy (e.g. energy case, power plant benefits, index ratings, etc.) and supporting the project planning / permitting process (e.g. decommissioning plan, public acceptance, consultation and response). By identifying key environmental indicators early in the project, customers are well-placed for successful and trustworthy external communications of power plant performance and to inform their energy strategy utilising fact-based information.

SiteLCA™ may also quantify the power plant's key environmental benefits (such as turbine recycling or repowering options at end-of-life) and identify potential management risks of the plant, such as providing material breakdown for decommissioning plans or identifying potential key environmental impacts.


Vestas Site LCA™ is delivered by experienced experts and builds upon a long track-record of disclosing turbine environmental performance data since 1999. The service utilises advanced turbine models developed in-house by Vestas, complying with international ISO standards and third party review, which have been critically acknowledged as state-of-the-art analysis of wind power. For more information, please take a look at the the Vestas SiteLCA™ brochure.

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