We’re the world's leading wind service provider, offering lifetime management of wind energy assets to maximise the return on our customers’ investments.

Servicing the largest turbine fleet in the world

Servicing wind turbines requires industry experience, in-depth knowledge and technical innovation. Our team of over +12,000 service technicians in 77 countries maintain the biggest wind turbine fleet in the world – and often for the entire duration of their lifetime. And we do so always following the highest quality standards and safety requirements.


The combination of our truly global supply chain and a strong local presence allows us to bring our worldwide wind expertise right to site.

Vestas services in numbers

Capacity under service

+149 GW

Wind turbines under service


Countries with service operations


Our service offerings


Maximise the return of your wind farm with the most experienced maintenance partner in the industry. With Vestas, you’ll optimise energy production and lower operational costs to reach your wind energy ambitions.

Parts and Repair

We bring over 40 years of turbine technology expertise, offering world-class parts services, cost-effective repair solutions, and unparalleled know-how to keep your turbines running smoothly.                                                                                                          

Fleet optimisation

Our fleet optimisation solutions boost production efficiency, enhance turbine protection, and ensure full regulatory compliance, guaranteeing maximum performance of your turbines.                                                                                                       

Digital services

Explore our suite of digital services, providing online access to over 100,000 parts and industry-leading analytics tools, all aimed at improving the performance of your sites and optimising your operations.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Safety first. Always.

Safety is ingrained in the very core of our operations – zero injuries is the goal. With Vestas as your service partner, you can rest assured that every task is executed according to the highest safety protocols in the industry, without compromise. We actively join hands with partners across the industry to further mitigate risks and improve training.

Our services combine smart data capabilities with unique operational and technical insights to optimise the business case for every Vestas customer

Explore our wind energy offerings

Onshore wind turbines

We lead the onshore wind market with over 40 years of expertise, specialising in wind turbine design and development.

Offshore wind turbines

We have an unrivalled track record of making wind work at sea, bringing offshore wind to life in even the most challenging environments.


We turn renewable energy visions into reality by developing high-quality renewable energy projects.

Take your service career to new heights

Be part of our 12,000+ strong team of dedicated service technicians and in-the-field colleagues, who work every day to keep our turbines running smoothly, with safety as a top priority.

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