Lukas Graham is Powered by Vestas

A shared vision to accelerate change

Vestas and Lukas Graham partners to create battery-powered concert shows 

Today, we consume music like never before. At festivals, in the gym or on a dancefloor in the middle of the night. With its instant and unlimited availability, music is an essential part of the human experience.

However, as the world undergoes a sustainable transformation, music too needs to reflect on its impact on the planet. On the footprint it leaves as it enriches our lives.

To accelerate music's green journey, Grammy-nominated band Lukas Graham has linked up with Vestas, the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, to create a battery concept to power the band's In The Round tour in Denmark during summer 2022.

The battery concept effectively replaces diesel generators as power source for the lights and sound of the concerts, enabling CO2 reductions from the production by up to 98.5% depending on venue specific conditions -  showcasing how existing technology can be a real driver for real change. 

Vestas powers

6 concert shows

with transportable battery concept

Enabling up to

98.5% reduction

in CO2 emissions from concert production


tens of thousands

with a more sustainable music experience

A desire to act and a hope to inspire others

"To me, it is all about taking responsibility for my own actions. If I am not doing anything, how can I expect change to take place?

Now we take this first step and I really hope it inspires people across the music industry."

Lukas Graham on his motivation to partner with Vestas for the In the Round tour

Making conscious choices to to take better care of our planet and its resources has been a priority throughout Lukas Graham's life and career. But for too long, his professional environment, the music industry, has been at a standstill with regards to a green and sustainable transformation.

As a response, Lukas Graham now looks to accelerate music's green transformation by identifying existing technology that over time can turn live concert shows into carbon-free entertainment. By doing so, Lukas Graham hopes to inspire the rest of the industry fo follow suit and take actions that can help minimize the environmental footprint of music.

By partnering with Vestas, Lukas Graham has taken a first but crucial step towards creating initiatives with real impact. By combining Lukas' vision for a greener future for music with Vestas' technology leadership in electrification, innovative concepts based on existing technology has already shown a promising potential for decarbonizing live concert shows. 

For Lukas Graham, it is all about taking a first step towards using more sustainable technology in the music industry.

For Vestas, it is about teaming up with forward-looking partners from industries that are committed to accelerate the green transformation.

An innovative battery 
 for live events

Vestas delivers an innovative battery concept to power Lukas Graham's six In the Round concert shows - replacing traditional diesel generators as power source for the lights and sound during the concert. 

Effectively, the battery concept enables CO2 emissions from the production to be reduced by up to 98.5%, depending on the electricity supply set-up at each venue. 

"Energy storage technology is a key enabler for the energy transition at large - it will be applied widely across society to help accommodate the shift to a greener energy system."


Lars Chr. Christensen Vice President, Energy & Storage Solutions

How it works

1 Vestas delivers a transportable battery concept that can meet the electricity demand for each of the In the Round concerts. The battery concept is created by integrating 72 battery packs into two 1 MW/MWh battery units, which are fitted into containers to ease transportation and installation.

2 The batteries atre charged at a Vestas location to ensure that the electricity is green and to make sure the battery can access sufficient electricity to charge efficiently.

3 The batteries are transported by truck to concert locations across Denmark - from Copenhagen to Aalborg, over Sønderborg and Aarhus. 

4 The batteries are connected to the lights and sound systems at the venue, replacing diesel generators as power source for all six concert productions.

5 The batteries power the light and sound production at each concert - in Copenhagen two concerts in two days

6 When each concert is over, the batteries are again transported to a Vestas location to be charged with green electricity for the next concert. This process is repeated throughout the tour.

A mutually beneficial partnership

For Vestas, the partnership with Lukas Graham is an example of an industry leader who is taking responsibility to act and demand change. Such actions require courage and commitment, but we believe the rewards are well worth it.

Vestas continuously partners with industry leaders across a range of sectors to address how existing technology can help accelerate the energy transition - and we urge all industry leaders to take inspiration from Lukas Graham and take tangible steps towards implementing existing sustainable technology. 

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