4 MW Platform

The 4 MW platform continues to advance the already proven technology powering over 19,000 installed Vestas turbines worldwide - more than any other brand.

Over a decade of continuous evolution

Our 4 MW platform uses proven technologies to meet even the most demanding grid requirements, delivering exceptional energy yield in all wind and weather conditions.

Explore the variants:

+73 GW

Installed capacity


Turbines installed


Platform variants

Making wind energy mainstream

Crafted for diverse wind and site conditions, our 4 MW platform serves both onshore and offshore applications. Its adaptability allows for mixing turbines across sites, ensuring superior reliability, serviceability, and energy capture, with the inclusion of proven technologies like a full-scale converter.

Introduced in 2010, it boasts over 73 GW installations worldwide, solidifying its place as one of the most popular platforms in our portfolio. Backed by a well-established global supply network, its variants offer flexible and highly efficient wind energy solutions to drive the green transition.


Let’s talk sustainability


4.4 - 7.6

gCO2e/kWh vs. ≈ 1002 for a coal plant

Energy neutral after

4.8 - 7.6

months of operation


21 - 50x

more energy than it consumes

Recyclability rating

82.8 - 88.5%


Case: Havøygavlen wind farm

In the remote reaches of the Arctic Circle you’ll find Havøygavlen, Vestas' most northern wind farm, harnessing the power of the Arctic winds to generate clean, sustainable energy. Situated amidst a landscape of icy expanses and rugged terrain, this landmark project comprises of nine V117-4.2 MW Typhoon turbines, each engineered to withstand average wind speeds surpassing 9.0 m/s.

A career at the forefront of sustainable change 

The onshore wind industry is growing – fast. From engineering to construction, we're constantly on the lookout for talent to help us revolutionise the global energy system.