The global leader in sustainable energy solutions

We're on a mission to transform the global energy system. With a dedicated team of 30,000 employees, we work every day to shape a more sustainable future by designing, installing, and maintaining wind energy projects worldwide.

We believe wind power will form the backbone of tomorrow’s energy system. That's why we're steadfast in our commitment to solutions that drive the vital transition to renewable energy, with wind at the core.


Our sustainable energy solutions

Onshore wind turbines

We lead the onshore wind market with over 40 years of expertise, specialising in wind turbine design and development.

Offshore wind turbines

We have an unrivalled track record of making wind work at sea, bringing offshore wind to life in even the most challenging environments.


We maintain the world's largest wind turbine fleet, spanning over 55,000 turbines across 77 countries.


We turn renewable energy visions into reality by developing high-quality renewable energy projects with value.

The latest news from Vestas

Our annual report 2023

A legacy rooted in wind energy

Total Vestas installed base
+179 GW
Total combined capacity under service
+149 GW
Countries with installed wind turbines


The most sustainable energy company

In an era defined by the climate crisis, our commitment to sustainability isn’t a choice – it’s an imperative. That’s why we’re determined to integrate sustainability into everything we do. 

We’re proud to have been ranked the most sustainable energy company in the world by Corporate Knights, a recognition we’ve been awarded for the past three consecutive years.


Purposeful work with the sustainable energy leader

Want to join a growing team of over 30,000 people working together to revolutionise our global energy system? We’re always on the lookout for innovative minds and creative thinkers, with exciting opportunities available all over the globe.  

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