Fleet Optimisation

Keep your turbine fleet running smoothly, profitably and at its optimum potential with our full spectrum of fleet optimisation services.

Get more from what you have

Our range of fleet optimisation services enables you to manage your wind energy assets efficiently and profitably. From dynamic power upgrades to life extension programmes and smart turbine features, our suite of services is crafted to unlock the full potential of your assets throughout their operational lifespan.

Discover a range of solutions to increase production efficiency, enhance the protection and ensure full regulatory compliance of the turbines.

Fleet Optimisation at a glance


PowerPlus™ upgrades can improve annual energy production by up to 5%


More than 10,000 turbines are already enjoying the benefits of PowerPlus™


Rotor Upgrade can increase AEP by 15%


PowerPlus™ is designed to make your turbine work smarter and harder, boosting energy output by up to 5% annually with minimal risk. Through tailored optimisation, smart software, and aerodynamic upgrades, you’ll be able to significantly improve wind park profitability.

Explore the indiviual PowerPlus upgrades

Improved blade efficiency

Aerodynamic Upgrades improve the aerodynamic performance of the rotor blades, boosting annual energy production (AEP) by up to 2%. Aerodynamic Upgrades are available for a range of Vestas platforms, as well as an extensive list of multibrand turbines.

The technology consists of Vortex Generators, which aid lift creation around the blades. This translates into a better aerodynamic performance during the turbine’s partial load operation. The AEP improvement is therefore captured on the slope of the power curve, when the turbine operates below rated power.

To know more about how Aerodynamic Upgrades can improve your business case, check out our case study featuring ENGIE Deutschland and our whitepaper, which goes into depth with the technology.

Reap the benefits of high wind speeds

Vestas has developed Extended Cut Out, which allows turbines to operate beyond their original cut out speeds to capture the full potential of strong winds.

By increasing the cut out wind speed, Extended Cut Out can generally deliver an Annual Energy Production improvement of up to 3%, and even up to 5-7% at sites with very advantageous climatic conditions.

Read more about the results we have already delivered for other wind parks in our case study, or download our product sheet for a quick overview of the upgrade.

Smarter operation with intelligent algorithms

To help turbine owners uncover and realise the uncaptured energy, Vestas has developed a range of smart algorithms to help the turbine make better decisions. Improved measurements of wind speed, wind direction, and optimal yaw alignment enable theturbine to act smarter and thereby become more effective.

Moreover, our algorithmic features allow for smarter use of power boosts as well as allowing the turbine to exploit low air-density climatic conditions to operate in high winds.

Increase nominal power for a higher yield

Power Uprate is designed to increase the nominal power of your turbine, allowing you to use its full capacity.  An increased annual energy production of up to 4% can be achieved, proving an opportunity to significantly improve the performance of your fleet.

A site-specific analysis, using proprietary tools and certified processes, is always conducted to assess how the rated power of your turbine can be increased to maximise output, without affecting the original design. 

Rotor Upgrade

Our Rotor Upgrade offering enhances turbines by installing larger rotors and blades, increasing wind capture for up to 15% higher energy production.


We offer lifelong service partnerships through LifePlus™, providing tailored lifetime extension programmes to maximise your investment. Combine these programs with other Vestas services like AOM® contracts and PowerPlus™ upgrades for even greater returns.


Boost wind turbine availability and energy production with TurbinePlus™ upgrades. Divided into three categories, these upgrades enhance efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance and bolster turbine protection, bringing your assets up to date.

TurbinePlus™ - Efficiency

With our efficiency upgrades you can improve the availability of your turbines. The various upgrades ensure smooth and optimal operations under all conditions.

TurbinePlus™ - Protection

With our protection upgrades you can reduce the risk of damage to your turbines from external influences. The different upgrades help to prevent expensive repairs and downtime, while ensuring turbine operations.

TurbinePlus™ - Compliance

With our compliance upgrades you can ensure even better compliance with site-specific regulations, in most cases improving the availability of your turbine for production. In other cases it will minimize the environmental impact of your turbine.

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Maintenance services

Vestas offers best-in-class wind turbine maintenance partnering through a number of tailored Active Output Management ® packages to increase efficiency and reach the lowest possible cost of energy.

Digital services

Explore our suite of digital services, providing online access to over 100,000 parts and industry-leading analytics tools, all aimed at improving the performance of your sites and optimising your operations.

Parts & Repair services

Deploying the World's largest wind service supply chain, we offer spare parts and repair solutions to keep our customers' sites running as smoothly as possible throught their lifetime.

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Be part of our 12,000+ strong team of dedicated service technicians and in-the-field colleagues, who work every day to keep our turbines running smoothly, with safety as a top priority.