We currently service more than 8.5 GW of non-Vestas turbines from leading wind tech brands all over the world, committed with the same rigorous dedication to ensuring the best possible site performance.

The world's leading multibrand service provider

Leverage the diversity of your fleet by partnering with the world's leading multibrand service provider. Trusting Vestas as your service partner means you get a devoted expert by your side, across your fleet and for the entirety of its lifetime.

Having Vestas as one single service provider will give you the opportunity to reduce operational complexity and achieve consistent quality, across your entire fleet. 

Multibrand services at a glance

+8.5 GW

Vestas offers services for most major turbine platforms, and currently services more than 8.5 GW of multiband turbines.


turbines under service across non-Vestas platforms

26 countries

Our global reach extends to multibrand services, now covering service operations in 26 countries across the globe

The best of both worlds

With the acquisition of UpWind Solutions, the largest independent service provider in North America, and Availon, the leading European independent service provider, we have been able to excel in offering flexible solutions to wind farm owners of diverse fleets. It means that Vestas Multibrand Services combine the flexibility and agility of an independent service provider (ISP) with the consistently high-quality standards, knowledge and economies of scale of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

Multibrand capabilities

Proven track record

We currently service more than 8,5 GW of non-Vestas turbines all over the world, and we do this with the same adherence to high quality standards, that we are known for applying to our service of Vestas turbines. Vestas’ multibrand capabilities ranges across more than 30 non-Vestas turbine models, and new models are continuously added to the list. In just a few years, we have grown our multibrand service business to span across five continents, 26 countries and 378 sites.

Platforms serviced

Gamesa (G5x, G8x, G9x, G11x 2.0/2.1)

Senvion (MM82, MM92, MM100, 3.XM)

GE (1.x ESS, 1.5, 2.x FCC, 2.x DFIG)

Alstom (ECO100, ECO110, ECO122)

Suzlon (S88, S9x)

Nordex (N90-N117 (Gamma))

Siemens (SWT-2.3VS)

Explore service offerings with multibrand capabilities

Maintenance services

Maximise the return of your wind farm with the most experienced maintenance partner in the industry. With Vestas, you’ll optimise energy production and lower operational costs, making it easier for you to reach your wind energy ambitions.

Parts and repair services

We bring over 40 years of turbine technology expertise, offering world-class parts services, cost-effective repair solutions, and unparalleled know-how to keep your turbines running smoothly.

Scipher® Energy Analytics

Make the most of the industry's largest and most robust dataset with Scipher® – our industrial energy analytics platform. Scipher® uses smart technology and machine learning to give you actionable insights quickly, helping you make faster, better decisions.

Take your service career to new heights

Be part of our 12,000+ strong team of dedicated service technicians and in-the-field colleagues, who work every day to keep our turbines running smoothly, with safety as a top priority.