The V236-15.0 MW™ is built on proven, world-class technology and engineered for efficiency in offshore environments around the world.

V236-15.0 MW™ at a glance

The V236-15.0 MW™ turbine combines the strengths of our EnVentus™and 9 MW platforms, delivering outstanding performance at all wind speeds. 

With its 115.5-meter blades, this turbine achieves a capacity factor exceeding 60%. This means fewer turbines are needed to generate more energy annually than ever before. It also benefits from Vestas’ excellent service and safety track record and is engineered for a lifespan of 30 years.


The journey - from prototype to projects

The V236-15.0 MW was the first ever 15 MW turbine to be introduced to the market in February 2021. Since the launch of the turbine, we have secured more than 12 GW of Firm Orders & Preferred Supplier Agreements. Across the entire Vestas value chain, we are getting ready to deliver on commercial projects.

The  prototype is installed at the Østerild National test centre for large wind turbines in Western Jutland, Denmark, where it is undergoing an extensive test and verification programme. 

The prototype development and assembly work took place across Vestas’ R&D and production sites in Denmark. The blade moulds were developed at Vestas’ blade factory in Lem and the 115.5m long prototype blades were manufactured at Vestas’ offshore blade factory in Nakskov. The prototype nacelle was developed and assembled at the offshore nacelle factory in Lindø port of Odense. 

The making of a wind turbine

Technical specifications

Power regulation operational data
Pitch regulated with variable speed
Rated power
Cut-in wind speed
Cut-out wind speed
Wind class
IEC S or S,T
Standard operating temperature range
from -15°C* to +23°C* with a de-rating interval from +23°C to +45°C
*high ambient temperature variant available

**Sound Optimised Modes dependent on site and country

Rotor diameter
Swept area
Aerodynamic brake
Three blades full feathering

50/60 Hz
full scale

medium speed

Hub heights

80 GWh

A single V236-15.0 MW™ is capable of producing 80 GWh per year depending on site-specific conditions.

43,742 m2

An industry-leading swept area provides peak annual energy production performance.


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