Plant & Energy Solutions

With Vestas Plant & Energy Solutions, we are your dedicated business partner, supporting you in optimising the value of energy produced and reducing risks over the entire lifecycle of your power plant project.

More certainty at every phase

Complementing Vestas' turbine and service offerings, Vestas Plant & Energy Solutions are specifically designed to help you optimise the value of energy produced, reduce risks and ensure seamless power system integration throughout the entire lifecycle of your renewable power plant. This, in turn, protects the return on your power plant investment.

Our solutions are built upon over 40 years of Vestas’ experience and expertise in supporting your plant project from early development, siting and modelling, project optimisation and plant integration to providing various options for your wind turbines or plant.

With Vestas' Plant & Energy Solutions, we are your dedicated business partner, helping you optimise all stages of your power plant project for optimal business case certainty.

Siting and modelling

Over the last decade, Vestas has accumulated millions of hours’ worth of experience with advanced turbine controls, and in gathering meteorological data from all climatic conditions around the globe.

Siting & Modelling insights and expertise are utilised to select the optimal power plant location, identifying the most efficient renewable power plant site layout and documenting the electrical grid integration design. More transparency at each step ensures optimal power output, a lower initial operational spending and ultimately a reduced total cost of energy.

Safeguarding your investment

The complexity and specific requirements of grid connections vary considerably across the globe, making the optimal design of electrical components for your power plant challenging, although essential.

By identifying grid codes early in the project phase and simulating extreme operating conditions, Electrical PreDesign provides the surest way to build a grid compliant and productive power plant.

Turnkey project optimisation

The amount of tasks involved in building a power plant and connecting it to the grid can be complex and pose major investment risks to your project. In partnership with Vestas, you can count on us to mitigate project risks associated with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) to ensure your ultimate return on investment.

Vestas has executed more than 250 EPC projects with a combined capacity of +10 GW in more than 42 countries since 2006. You can lean on our extensive project management experience and deep product knowledge to deliver customised project solutions for your unique power plant project.

Increasing your bankability

Vestas Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) leverages extensive project management experience and deep product knowledge to deliver customised project solutions for each unique power plant project. Vestas EPC can be structured as a comprehensive turnkey solution or selected Balance of Plant (BOP) support to cater your project needs and increase your business case certainty and bankability.

Plant integration

Vestas turbines have been installed in 88 countries around the world, operating under varying site conditions and corresponding to differing grid code requirements. The Vestas Online® Power Plant Controller facilitates grid code compliance of a specific wind site, and includes advanced functionalities to enable hybrid plant integration.

This fully integrated solution supports data acquisition and control of all power plant components. It is also fully scalable and customisable, allowing you to implement any control concept needed to meet local grid requirements.

Ensurin real-time power plant control

VestasOnline® Power Plant Controller (PPC) controls the output of the power plant at the point of common coupling, accurately monitors and controls each energy-producing asset.

It allows the following real-time control:

  • Voltage, power factor or reactive power control ​
  • Active power closed-loop control, curtailment, derating, ramp-rate limitation
  • Frequency control​
  • Fault ride-through coordination

Kennedy Energy Park: Wind, Solar and Storage

Developed by Australia’s international renewable energy company Windlab, in partnership with Vestas and Eurus Energy, Kennedy Energy Park phase I is the world’s first utility-scale, on-grid wind, solar and battery energy storage power plant. The project is located in Flinders Shire in central north Queensland, Australia, which is blessed with world-class wind and solar resources.

Kennedy Energy Park Phase I feature a total installed capacity of 60.2 MW, combining 43.2 MW of Vestas V136-3.45 MW wind turbines operating in 3.6 MW Power Optimised Mode, 15 MW of solar PV power capacity, and 2 MW / 4 MWh of Lion electrical storage, giving flexibility and increasing the energy production and the capacity factor of the hybrid power plant.

Vestas’ hybrid power plant solution for Kennedy Energy Park includes consulting services on wind and solar resources and assessment of site conditions in partnership with Windlab, project-specific asset integration, control strategies and extended analysis for grid code compliance (in an exceptionally weak grid) and EPC in consortium with Quanta Services. Additionally, Vestas provides a 15-year AOM 4000 service agreement for the full power plant, covering the service of the wind turbines as well as scheduled maintenance for the solar panels, battery energy storage and electrical systems.​

Louzes Wind Power Plant was established in Greece in 2008 featuring 24 MW of wind power capacity. In 2012, a 1 MW solar power plant was integrated to the existing wind power plant, becoming a hybrid power plant through sharing interconnection facilities. 

Vestas’ hybrid power plant solution for Louzes Power Plant included consulting services on wind resources and assessment of the site conditions and project-specific asset integration, including grid compatibility and control strategies. Additionally, Louzes’ VestasOnline® Business SCADA platform integrates the wind power plant and the PV power plant so that they are controlled as one single entity. This project lends five years of operational experience with Active Power regulation for wind and solar power generation.

Terna Energy Park Power Plant

Lem Kær Power Plant

The Lem Kær hybrid power plant was installed in 2012, adding a full-size grid-connected battery energy storage system with two batteries to an existing 12 MW wind power plant. The project is the first large-scale wind power plant combined with electrical storage and connected to the grid.

Vestas’ hybrid power plant solution for Lem Kær power plant included project-specific planning, right sizing, and integration of the system, as well as the design and implementation of advanced control strategies. The Lem Kær system has been approved by the Danish Transmission System Operator for frequency ancillary services market participation, enabling the capture of higher revenues through dispatching energy that would otherwise have been curtailed.


It is possible to add extra optional features to a turbine or a plant to meet a project’s specific needs. In this way, the performance of a wind power or power plant project can be enhanced, to ultimately improve the business case certainty of the investment.

Expand the sections below to learn more about the various options available for environment, turbine performance and safety & compliance. The availability of options differs by country and by turbine variant.

Vestas Cold Climate solutions

The Vestas Cold Climate Solutions build on years of experience ensuring safe and efficient energy production in cold climate conditions. They can be combined with additional options and solutions, such as Vestas Ice Assessment™ and Vestas Ice Control to enhance the performance of the power plant.

Shadow flicker control system

The Vestas Shadow Flicker Control System is designed to tailer turbine operation to minimise the negative impact of shadow flicker on surroundings while maximizing energy production. 

Shadow flicker occurs when sunlight on a certain spot is continuously broken by the rotating turbine blades. Uniquely configured for each turbine, the Vestas Shadow Flicker Control System ensures maximum turbine energy production, while adhering to local requirements and avoiding shadow flicker on surrounding inhabited areas. 

Vestas Bat Protection System

Vestas Bat Protection System is a software solution that responds to certain environmental factors related to the likelihood of bat presence. By smartly pausing the turbine, performance can be maximised while minimising environmental impact.

Depending on site conditions, Vestas offers an additional solution to customers in the U.S and Canada. The Bat Deterrent System uses acoustics to dissuade bats from entering the rotor swept area.

Sound Power Optimisation

Vestas Sound Power Optimisation is a suite of options and solutions with the purpose of maximising energy production while meeting specific sound power levels. These include:

  • Siting Methods​
  • Sound Mitigation Strategy​
  • Vestas OptiTip®​
  • Aerodynamic blade design​
  • Serrated Trailing Edge technology

High Wind Operations

Vestas’ High Wind Operation (HWO) is an intelligent control feature that allows the turbine to continue operating beyond standard cut-out wind speeds. HWO gradually reduces energy production following a derating profile to enable extended wind turbine operation. At a park level, this means a more gradual reduction of generated power, benefiting grid stability. The result is improved output stability, energy production, and reliability.​

HWO can be applied to all Vestas turbine models operating with the VMP Global™ software platform.

Power and Load Optimised Modes

Powered by Vestas' superior wind insight Vestas’ Power and Load Optimised Modes are advanced operational strategies, which enable product customisation for site-specific conditions. 

Based on Vestas’ deep understanding of global wind patterns and load implications, the turbines are configurable to achieve the optimum power curves. The configurations maximise annual energy production of the individual turbines in a power plant, while adhering to the operational envelope of 20 years design lifetime. Ultimately, ensuring the ideal wind solution to every site.

Tower technologies

Vestas tower technology include Tubular Steel Towers (TST), High Tubular Steel Towers (HTST), and Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST). Concrete Hybrid Towers (CHT) are available in certain markets.

Vestas’ proprietary Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST) technology combines proven steel construction with an innovative design to deliver strength and height. Easy transportation and quick installation contribute to excellent cost of energy.

Condition Monitoring Solution

The Vestas Condition Monitoring Solution (CMS) covers supervision of turbine components, data processing and input for incident response coordination to optimise the operation of power plants. Advanced sensors continuously monitor power train, yaw and pitch systems, enabling proactive detection of service needs. Vestas CMS is available both for new and after-sales installation.

Vestas Remote Operations Centre (ROC) is a Vestas Service extension using Vestas global presence and resources to deliver specialized 24/7 wind turbine monitoring and error reporting. Vestas ROC helps the reduction of turbine downtime significantly while facilitating synergies in maintenance planning and logistics, thus improving the business case of your investment.

Fire Prevention System

Fire hazard incidents are significantly rare, but implications potentially severe. Therefore, fire prevention is a critical Vestas product function with a dedicated engineering discipline. 

The Vestas engineers ensure that the turbines are designed adhering to the Vestas Fire Hazard Risk Assessment to comply with relevant standards and guidelines specific to fire and wind turbine application.

In addition to this, fire detection systems as well as fire suppression systems are available across the Vestas 2 MW, 4 MW and EnVentus™ platforms to safeguard the turbines.

Yaw Power Backup System

In rare extreme climate events, high wind speeds may trigger a power cut-out from the main power grid preventing the standard yaw system to work. The Vestas Yaw Power Backup System, fully integrated with the Vestas SCADA system, maintains the yawing functionality of the wind turbine in grid loss events, and safeguards the structural integrity of the wind turbine by yawing the nacelle towards the wind direction.​

Aviation Obstruction Lights

Vestas offers a variety of aviation light solutions and related products to meet both international and local requirements for aviation marking of wind turbines.​

The aviation lights on both the nacelle and tower are visible 360° around the turbine. By adding visibility sensors, light intensity can be reduced in clear weather conditions. In case further reduction is needed Vestas InteliLight® only activates the lights when an aircraft is operating in the immediate vicinity of the wind farm. This reduces the visual impact to a minimum.​