V120-2.2 MW™

The V120-2.2 MW™ optimises park level production under stable low to medium wind conditions.

V120-2.2 MW™  at a glance

Vestas' V120-2.2 MW™ is built on the successful installation of more than 58 GW of the 2 MW turbines. The V120-2.2 MW™ is built to generate more energy in stable low to medium wind conditions, achieving AEP improvements of up to 14%*.

With its 19 %* larger swept area , the V120-2.2 MW™ is harvesting more energy from available wind and setting a new benchmark for park level LCoE performance.

This latest extension to the globally trusted 2 MW platform combines advanced aerodynamic engineering with deep, insight-based operational data to aggressively drive down the cost of energy where it matters - at park level. On a MW constrained site, the V120-2.2 MW™ benefits from larger rotors, delivering a more stable energy production with a higher power output at lower wind speeds. Ultimately, this means higher certainty in power performance.

*Compared to the V110-2.0 MW®
**Site dependent; compared to V110-2.0 MW®

available for the 
V120-2.2 MW™

  • High Wind Operation 
  • Power Mode (site specific)
  • Condition Monitoring System
  • Smoke Detection
  • Vestas Shadow Flicker Control System
  • Low Temperature Operation to -30˚C
  • Aviation Lights
  • Aviation Markings on the Blades
  • Vestas InteliLight™
  • Vestas Bat Protection System


The Vestas Performance and Diagnostics Centre monitors more than 49,000 turbines worldwide. We use this information to continually develop and improve our products and services.


Finding the right turbine for your wind site is key. The V120-2.2 MW™ IEC IIB/IEC S is designed for low to medium wind sites with low turbulence.

+57 GW

The performance and reliability of the 2 MW platform has been proven with more than 58 GW installed in 48 countries since 2000.

 V120-2.0 MW™ prototype installed

The V120-2.0 MW prototype was installed at the Lem Kær wind park in Western Jutland, Denmark, producing the first kilowatt hour of electricity in 2018. An extensive test and verification programme ensured reliability before full-scale production and first deliveries. The turbine at Lem Kær was converted into a V120-2.2 MW prototype in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Having announced the V120-2.0 MW turbine in the spring of 2017, the upgraded V120-2.2 MW includes a stronger gearbox and reinforced blades that strengthen performance in higher wind and turbulence conditions.

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V110-2.0 MW™

The V110-2.0 MW® IEC IIIA delivers a notable rotor-to-generator ratio producing a remarkable capacity and yield at low- and medium-wind sites. Optimised with the Vestas OptiStop pitch control strategy it is the ideal choice in low- and medium wind.