From 2009-2020

Leading the industry into the future

Wind energy currently accounts for less than two percent of the world’s energy production. Vestas expects it to account for 10 percent by 2020.

To achieve this, the industry must increase wind energy production by 900,000 MW worldwide. At Vestas, we know this can be done. Wind energy can supply local energy anywhere there is ample wind, and it can create thousands of jobs. Many national and regional governments are setting clear, long-term renewable energy targets.

2009 Meeting global challenges

The global financial crisis poses a serious challenge for Vestas and renewable energy. Nevertheless, the company announces it will maintain its financial goals and bring new groundbreaking turbines such as the V112-3.0 MW to the market. Built using tried-and-tested technology, it features the latest advances in blade and nacelle design to set new standards in turbine performance and efficiency.

2010 - Wind. It means the world to us

In 2010, Vestas presented “Wind. It means the world to us.TM”, a new tagline emphasising its position as the leading wind energy manufacturer. It highlights Vestas as a pure player in wind, the source of 30 years’ experience and commitment to the future. Vestas believes that wind is the best energy source for the planet, for its customers and, all other stakeholders who share its passion. Wind. It means the world to us.

2012 Vestas achives 50 GW of installed capacity

Thirty-three years after the installation of its first successful turbine, Vestas installed its 50,000th MW in Q1 2012. With projects installed in 73 countries, Vestas solidifies its position as the world’s leading and most global manufacturer of wind power solutions.

2013 A crucial year for Vestas

A new operating business model continues to be implemented from 2012, as changes in the organisational set-up are carried out to increase customer focus and earnings, and to reduce investments required for future growth. Consequently, Vestas appoints Anders Runevad as new Group President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Ditlev Engel who leaves the company. Ditlev Engel has been with the company since 2005 and has, during the past 1½ years, focused his efforts on leading Vestas’ extensive restructuring programme.

The new management areas “Technology & Service Solutions”, “Manufacturing & Global Sourcing” and “Sales” represent the company’s core competencies, crucial for achieving Vestas’ short-term objectives.

The company is now entering a new phase, in which the focus turns to maximising growth potential. Vestas expects to see deliveries, revenue and the positive journey of the turnaround. Vestas purchased the world’s third biggest commercial supercomputer ‘Firestorm’.

2015 Continued growth

Vestas undergoes further expansion with the acquisitions of UpWind Solutions and Availon.

2017 Hybrid horizons

Vestas receives order for the world’s first utility-scale, on-grid hybrid power plant, The Kennedy Project in Australia. It will feature wind turbines, solar panels and battery storage.

2020 Celebrating 75 years of the Vestas brand

Vestas' brand turns 75 years old. Vestjysk Stålteknik A/S, the precursor to the Vestas brand, was registered on 10th November 1945.