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With over 30 years of experience in optimizing businesses like yours, we know that your individual needs deserve a tailor-made approach to upgrades. Our advanced wind turbine options help you release the full potential of your wind business.

Our experienced local staff can help you select and customize upgrades for your unique business. Whether you are in it for the long haul, or simply looking for a short-term boost of profits, Vestas Services™ has the right solutions for you.


Release the full potential of your wind business with Vestas PowerPlus™.

Improve the production efficiency of your wind power plant through site-specific tuning of operational parameters, implementation of intelligent software algorithms, and enhanced aerodynamic add-ons.

Vestas PowerPlus™ can boost your annual energy production by up to 5% at virtually no risk. Our DNV-GL-certified siting process ensures that design life is not impacted, and with our performance guarantee and flexible financing options there is nothing in the way of your increased profits.

Learn more about the Vestas PowerPlus™ upgrade in our dedicated brochure.



PowerPlus™ products

Power Uprate

Power Uprate

Your wind farm may have hidden potential. With Power Uprate, you can now utilize potentially available load margins of your wind turbines to increase production by up to 4%.

Aerodynamic Upgrades

Aerodynamic Upgrades

Upgrade your blades with vortex generators and gurney flaps to release the full potential of your turbines. Aerodynamic Upgrades can increase your production by up to 1.5%.

Extended Cut Out

Extended Cut Out

Make the most of high wind speeds. With a DNV-GL certified siting study, our engineers may be able to extend the cut our wind speeds of your turbine, allowing you production gains by up to 3%.

Power Performance Optimization

Power Performance Optimisation

Intelligent software algorithms can improve the measurement accuracy and power curve performance of your wind farm, allowing you a production gain up to 1%.


Improve the availability of your wind turbines and increase the annual energy production. TurbinePlus™ offers upgrades to improve turbine efficiency, enhance the protection of the turbines and to ensure full regulatory compliance.


    TurbinePlus™ - Efficiency

    With our efficiency upgrades you can improve the availability of your turbines. The various upgrades ensure smooth and optimal operations under all conditions.

    TurbinePlus™ - Protection

    With our protection upgrades you can reduce the risk of damage to your turbines from external influences. The different upgrades help to prevent expensive repairs and downtime, while ensuring turbine operations.

    TurbinePlus™ - Compliance

    With our compliance upgrades you can ensure even better compliance with site-specific regulations, in most cases improving the availability of your turbine for production. In other cases it will minimize the environmental impact of your turbine.


    LifePlus life extension and overhaul programs

    LifePlus™ represents Vestas’ lifetime devotion to our customers. Currently, LifePlus™ includes tailor-made lifetime extension programs, fully customizable to fit your business case.

    Our lifetime extension programs can be combined with other Vestas Services offerings, such as AOM® contracts and PowerPlus™ upgrades.
    LifePlus™ is the result of our engineering expertise and experience in the wind turbine industry, combined with our passion for continuously optimizing your business case.

    A service partnership with Vestas means that you always have options to increase the return on your investment. If your strategy includes operating the turbines beyond design-life, LifePlus™ gives you access to 35 years of experience in optimizing turbine performance and effectiveness.

    With Vestas Services, you have a dedicated partner for life.