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2 MW platform

Our 2 MW platform provides industry-leading reliability, serviceability and availability and is one of the most trusted platforms in the industry.

With the latest addition of rotor sizes, the 2 MW platform offers a competitive selection of turbines for all wind segments. The platform’s predictability allows customers to forecast confidently, while the tried-and-tested design ensures lower cost of energy for low, medium and high-wind onshore sites, even in extreme weather conditions.

With more than 48 GW of the 2 MW turbines installed since 2000, the 2 MW platform has become one of the most popular platforms in our portfolio.

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2 MW

Introduced in 2000 and incrementally improved over the years, the 2 MW platform is well suited for optimising production at park level.


The 2 MW platform covers a wide range of wind segments, enabling you to find the best turbine for your specific site.

+48 GW

The performance and reliability of the 2 MW platform has been proven with more than 48 GW installed worldwide since 2000.

2 MW

V120-2.2 MW™ IEC IIB/IEC S

The V120-2.2 MW™ optimises park level production under stable low to medium wind conditions.

V110-2.0 MW™ IEC IIIA

The V110-2.0 MW™ offers high performance and efficiency in low to medium wind speeds.

V100-2.0 MW™ IEC IIB

The V100-2.0 MW™ offers a high performance in medium and high wind speeds.


The V90-2.0 MW™ is suited for high wind sites with rotor size constraints.

Other product offerings

EnVentus™ platform

EnVentus™ is a high performing and versatile platform architecture with the ability to meet varying grid compliance requirements around the world.

4 MW platform

Our 4 MW platform is designed for a broad range of wind and site conditions, onshore and offshore enabling you to mix turbines across your site.

Options & Solutions

To gain the most out of your wind site, Vestas offers you a wide range of options and solutions to support you in every step of your value chain.