Unlocking a wind plant's potential

Enhancing your business case through deploying high capacity factor turbines

Over the last 40 years, wind energy has become one of the most competitive power sources in the world. With growing demand and good sites harder to find, the days of harvesting easy pickings are behind us, and the time has come for us to actively mine available wind to extract the maximum value per site. This is where an increase in a turbine’s capacity factor plays an important role.

Mining more wind at lower wind speeds is made possible by enlarging a wind turbine’s rotor size to extract more wind energy for any given site. This is particularly relevant for megawatt-constrained projects, where project economics are enhanced by delivering the maximum MWh per MW of maximum possible power output.

At Vestas, we continue to enhance the capacity factor of our turbines by building on our well-proven wind turbine technologies and capitalising on the established global supply chain. Each of the evolutionary steps takes us further towards increasing energy production at wind park level and optimising predictability in wind power generation. This improves our customers’ business case and project investments within, and more importantly, beyond LCoE considerations.


A successful energy transition will rely on technology providers like Vestas to capture enough value to keep reinvesting in innovation. The new generation of the 4 MW platform poses important possibilities in this journey towards sustainable profitability.