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Third update on cyber incident

News release from Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Aarhus, 06 December 2021

On 19 November 2021, Vestas discovered a cyber security incident which involved external attackers gaining unauthorised access to some of Vestas’ IT systems. Following extensive investigations, forensics, restoration activities and hardening of our IT systems and IT infrastructure together with external partners and experts, all systems are, with very few exceptions, up and running. The work and investigations are still ongoing, and Vestas still has no indication that the event has impacted customer and supply chain operations, a view which is supported by third-party experts.

During the attack, data was illegally retrieved from our IT systems and the attackers have since threatened to publish the stolen data. When the attack was discovered, Vestas immediately involved relevant authorities and IT security experts and initiated a thorough forensics investigation to identify the data that had been compromised and any individuals whose personal data could have been affected. The investigations are still ongoing, but Vestas can confirm that the stolen data has been leaked by the attackers and potentially offered to third parties. Vestas has reasons to believe that the leaked data mostly relate to Vestas’ internal matters.

Henrik Andersen, President and Chief Executive Officer, says “On 19 November Vestas discovered an attack from a threat actor, which we are pleased to say failed in their attempt to extort Vestas. Our resilience in such a difficult situation is strengthened by the support we have received from our customers, employees, suppliers, and other partners, and on behalf of Executive Management and the Board of Directors I want to thank everyone who has helped us get to the point we are now. Unfortunately, the attackers did manage to steal data from Vestas, and that data has been illegally shared externally. To mitigate this situation, we are working hard to identify any leaked data and will collaborate with affected stakeholders and authorities. In that regard, we ask for continued support, understanding and condemnation of criminal activities such as ransomware and illegal sharing of data”.

We are investigating what personal data is affected by the attack. Through notification we will initiate communicating to affected parties within the next few days. Vestas would like to emphasise our commitment to protect personal data used by Vestas to operate our business and will provide an update as soon as we know more.

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Vice President, Communications
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