Company Announcement:

Share capital and total number of voting rights as at 28 April 2021

Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Aarhus, 28 April 2021
Company announcement No. 09/2021

Vestas Wind Systems A/S has carried out a share split at a ratio of 1:5 with the record date 28 April 2021, cf. Company announcement no. 07/2021 of 8 April 2021.

In accordance with section 32 of the Danish Capital Markets Act, Vestas Wind Systems A/S is required to disclose the total number of voting rights and the size of the share capital in the company no later than at the end of the month in which the changes have taken place.

After the share split, Vestas Wind Systems A/S’ total share capital of nominally DKK 201,973,452 corresponds to 1,009,867,260 shares of nominally DKK 0.20.


Before the share splitAfter the share split
Total share capital DKK 201,973,452DKK 201,973,452
Total number of shares201,973,4521,009,867,260
Total number of voting rights201,973,45220,197,345,200
Nominal denominationDKK 1.00DKK 0.20
Share classesOne share classOne share class
Ticker symbolVWSVWS
ISIN CodeDK0010268606DK0061539921
Voting rights per share1 vote20 votes

Each share carries twenty votes (and not one vote, as incorrectly stated in Company announcement no. 07/2021 of 8 April 2021).

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