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Vestas secures 216 MW repowering order from PacifiCorp

News release from Vestas-American Wind Technology
Portland, 29 June 2018

Vestas has received an order for 216 MW of V100-2.0 MW turbine components, excluding towers, from PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, to repower the Marengo wind project, commissioned in 2007, and Marengo II wind project, commissioned in 2008, both located in Washington. With the order, PacifiCorp repowers the projects’ existing V80-1.8 MW turbines. 

PacifiCorp is a leading utility in the renewable energy space, with a portfolio of over 1,000 MW of wind projects across Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

Repowering is key component of our plans to cost-effectively expand the amount of renewable energy serving customers”, said Stefan Bird, president and CEO of Pacific Power, the division of PacifiCorp that serves customers in Oregon, Washington and California. “Vestas remains a valued partner as the company accelerates our transition to a clean energy future”.

Repowering existing and aging wind projects with new wind energy solutions is expected to increase over the coming years with repowering offering substantial returns from increased annual energy production and reduced operating costs.

“Repowering existing projects with updated Vestas technologies allows our partners to unlock even more value and performance from their existing assets. As wind technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, repowering enables Vestas and our customers to update existing projects with the latest technology to unlock even more energy production and dramatically lower operating costs, extending the lifetime benefits of these projects.” said Chris Brown, President of Vestas’ sales and service division in the United States and Canada.

The order includes supply and commissioning of the turbines as well as a multi-year service agreement, designed to ensure optimized performance of the project. Turbine delivery will begin in the second quarter of 2019.

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