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Vestas’ 2 MW platform reaches 20,000 installed turbines globally

17 years after its introduction, the 2 MW platform has reached another milestone as Vestas installed turbine number 20.000, underlining its position as the most widely installed platform in the history of wind energy. Leveraging Vestas’ ability to continuously innovate and optimise, the 2 MW platform’s annual energy production has increased by a staggering 40 percent since its introduction, ensuring its leading position for almost two decades. Today, more than 38 GW of 2 MW platform turbines have been installed in 45 countries on six continents. 

Built on proven technology, the 2 MW platform’s five turbine variants provide industry-leading performance and reliability, while maintaining the same dimensions and low-weight profile of the nacelle to secure predictability in transportation and installation.

“Installing 20.000 turbines from the same platform in 45 countries across six continents is a remarkable achievement in Vestas’ history and technological leadership, underling our capability to stay ahead of the market with continuous product innovation and reductions in cost of energy,” says Anders Vedel, Executive Vice President & CTO.

The breakthrough installation happened at a site of the 2 GW Wind XI project in Iowa with the installation of a V110-2.0 MW turbine. Developed by MidAmerican Energy Company, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Wind XI will be one of the biggest wind development projects in the US when fully operational. 

The Wind XI project underlines the platform’s strong fit for the US market, where the Vestas 2 MW platform alone makes up 12 percent of the total installed wind capacity – compared to 8 percent globally. With 10 GW of Vestas’ 2 MW platform installed, the US – the world’s second largest wind energy market – makes up around one quarter of the platform’s global installed capacity. 

Chris Brown, President of Vestas’ sales and service division in the United States and Canada adds, “The 2 MW platform has been instrumental in Vestas’ success in the U.S., and has delivered maximum production and technology value for our customers. The continued product innovation and platform evolution have enabled incredible platform growth and we’re proud of achieving this milestone here in the U.S.”.

Introduced in 2000 with the V80-2.0 MW turbine, the platform was upgraded with the new V116-2.0 MW and V120-2.0 MW turbines earlier this year.

The 20,000 2 MW turbines produce approximately 100,000 GWh annually.


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