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Auction wins confirm Vestas’ leadership in Italy

Two new orders in Italy underline Vestas’ leadership in the Italian market, where the company has close to 3.8 GW installed, representing over 40 percent of the country’s total wind capacity.

The orders for 38 MW are for the Taverna Caduta and San Mauro projects that were amongst the winning wind projects at the Italian energy auction held in November 2016. Vestas has won over 500 MW at energy auctions held in Italy, one of the first countries in the world to implement this system to allocate energy capacity at competitive prices. Globally, Vestas has secured over 5 GW of orders derived from auctions.

Taverna Caduta (23 MW) and San Mauro (15 MW) are located in the Basilicata and Lavello regions in Southern Italy.

Vestas leads the way in the Italian market, underlining our extensive experience in the country and the broad range of auction-related capabilities we offer to our customers to be successful in auctions. We will continue to support our customers’ ambitions through our years of experience in the Italian market, our deep understanding of customer needs and our ability to provide customized solutions for auction bids”, says Marco Graziano, President of Vestas Mediterranean.

The order for the Taverna Caduta wind park comprises the supply and installation of four units of the V126-3.6 MW model and four V110-2.2 MW turbines, whilst the San Mauro wind park will consist of seven V110-2.2 MW turbines. These projects are clear examples of Vestas’ versatility when it comes to finding the right solutions for each wind site and project requirements. The orders also include a 2-year Active Output Management 4000 (AOM4000) service contract. Turbine delivery is expected for the first quarter of 2018, while commission is planned for the second quarter of the same year.

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