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UpWind Solutions signs service contract for 1.75 GW of GE 1.5 MW turbines

“MidAmerican Energy continues to expand our wind generation in Iowa, and we look forward to working with UpWind Solutions as a valued partner in optimizing our fleet’s performance,” said Mike Gehringer, Vice President, Renewable Energy, MidAmerican Energy.

 “As a leading utility owner of wind generation in the West, we are pleased to engage UpWind Solutions as our service provider and will count on their breadth of experience to realize the full value of our wind turbine fleet,” said Tom Woodworth, Vice President, Renewable Resources, PacifiCorp.

UpWind Solutions was acquired by Vestas in December 2015, in recognition that customers are increasingly demanding a life-time fleetwide service provider that can maximize performance across a variety of turbine models. 

 “The wind turbine service industry is transforming, and we are proud to lead from the front of that transformation as we set a new standard for service excellence, not limited by the traditional definitions of OEM vs. ISP, focusing on ‘what’ and ‘how’ we deliver exceptional results, rather than ‘who.’ We believe the role of a service provider expands beyond simply selling services. This agreement confirms that hypothesis and demonstrates the value we can deliver to our customers. We are proud to partner with MidAmerican Energy and PacifiCorp to extract the full lifetime value of their turbines,” says Peter Wells, President, UpWind Solutions.

“This is a great achievement and validates the market strength we see in UpWind Solutions.  This partnership confirms they are the trusted fleetwide enabler of production for multi-brand customers,” said Chris Brown, President of Vestas’ North American sales and service organization.

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About UpWind Solutions
UpWind Solutions is the wind industry’s most comprehensive independent service provider of maintenance, performance engineering, upgrades & repairs, parts, and technical support services. They operate and maintain over 3 GW of all major OEM technologies in North America. For additional information visit: