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Change in communication policy regarding orders

For wind turbine and service orders, the working definition that Vestas has followed as a general guideline until now has been to disclose firm and unconditional orders with a size of 200 MW or more and EUR 200m or more, respectively.

As part of the annual review of the company’s communication policy, this threshold has been assessed and as a result of the actual impact observed on the Vestas share price of past announced orders, Vestas deems it appropriate to adjust the announcement policy accordingly.

Hence, as per 14 September 2016, Vestas will as a general rule disclose company announcements on all wind turbine orders with a total capacity of 300 MW or more.

For service orders, the corresponding threshold going forward will be EUR 300m.

It should be noted that this does not rule out that other factors deemed to have a significant impact on the Vestas share price can necessitate company announcements on orders below the mentioned threshold.

For orders received by the joint venture, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S, for turbine types owned by the joint venture (i.e. on 8 MW platform orders), the new threshold will be 600 MW for wind turbine orders and EUR 600m for service orders, defined as before by the 50/50 percent split ownership.

Vestas will continue announcing firm and unconditional orders via news releases per current practice, including for orders below the revised threshold for company announcements.

News service

To ensure that Vestas Wind Systems A/S fulfils its stated obligations, Vestas uses Nasdaq Copenhagen's news distribution service (GlobeNewswire) for the distribution of all company announcements. The same distribution service is used for Vestas’ news releases.

Important: If you wish to receive news releases from Vestas going forward for orders below the threshold and if you have not already subscribed to the news release distribution service, you will need to subscribe (LINK).

If you have any questions to the distribution service, please write to

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