Stephan's Journey Empowering Sustainable Energy at Vestas

Through Continuous Learning and Dedication



Stephan's story at Vestas is one of continuous learning, growth, and unwavering dedication to the cause of sustainable energy. With a background in electrical engineering, his journey began with a simple yet profound motivation—to make a difference in the world of renewable energy. Having moved across roles and countries within the company, Stephan's journey underscores the importance of seizing new opportunities.

Growing up near an open lignite mine in the Western part of Germany, Stephan witnessed firsthand the environmental impact of traditional energy sources. He explains that this experience ignited his passion for sustainable alternatives, particularly wind energy. It was this early exposure that set him on the path to Vestas, where he would help shaping the future of clean energy.

Starting as a service technician, Stephan vividly describes his initial encounter with a wind turbine—an experience that would leave a lasting impression on him. Standing on top of these wind turbines, he found himself in awe of the stunning views and the immense potential they held for a greener future.

“As a service technician, it was just fun going to work. I can remember the first time on top of a wind turbine, it must be a V42 or even smaller but even then, the outlook from up there was just breathtaking and seeing and experiencing what wind can do was mind-blowing for me.”

Venturing beyond borders, Stephan was sent to Austria in the role as field trainer to support the growing demand for service technicians, where he shared his knowledge with colleagues across Central Europe. This transition marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career—one filled with opportunities for personal and professional development.

Specializing in the V112-3.0 MW® turbine opened doors to international assignments, including a venture to Oregon, Portland, where he would help launching the V112 in the AME region. In a time when such journeys were less common, Stephan's willingness to embrace new challenges set him apart. It was here that he made the transition from a service technician to a technology specialist—a shift that presented its own set of challenges but ultimately broadened his horizons and expanded his skill set.

Despite facing obstacles in the US, including language barriers and cultural differences, Stephan found solace in the supportive community at Vestas. The transition from service technician to technology specialist was not without its hurdles, but through collaboration and shared experiences with his managers and colleagues, Stephan not only overcame these obstacles but also thrived in his new role.

“Moving to a new country pretty much on the other side of the planet, with a briefcase full of English, was challenging but I had so many colleagues over there, who welcomed me with open arms and showed me everything.”

After his tenure in the US, Stephan returned to Europe, where he took on the role of commissioning manager for launching the V112 offshore project in yet another new country, Denmark - a segment that was still in its early stages at Vestas. This endeavor not only improved his technical competences but also presented him opportunities to develop his management skills. He describes how his involvement in launching the V112 offshore turbine sparked a keen interest in such projects, a passion he still holds dear.

Describing his experience in Denmark, Stephan compared it to working in a small family business, where everyone knew each other and their respective strengths.

“The Offshore group really became a family to me; it was pretty much what you would call a family business. Everybody knows each other and knows exactly what your colleagues do, without having to pull out an organization chart.”

Reflecting on his journey, Stephan emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptability. Each setback he encountered served as a valuable lesson, shaping him into the colleague he is today. Stephan explains that even after 15+ years in Vestas he has retained his drive to make an impact in the world of renewable energy, fueling his current involvement in launching the V236-15.0 MW™ into the AME region.

As Stephan looks back on his journey, he sees Vestas not just as a company but as a supportive community where individuals are empowered to thrive and grow. His advice to his fellow colleagues reflects his Vestas journey: never stop trying new things. Within Vestas, opportunities for personal and professional growth are plentiful, and the possibilities are endless for those willing to embrace them.

“Never stop trying. Vestas has kept me motivated every day for almost 20 years. I mean, now with the energy transition, the growth we are seeing ahead of us, the different markets we are picking up. There is always an opportunity to do something different.”

By Simon Slebsager