Locky’s Journey with Wind Energy

A Decade of Growth and Development in Vestas


Venturing from the railways to wind turbines, Locky's 11-year Vestas’s journey reflects his development, transitioning from an electrician to a skilled service technician and eventually assuming the role of a site supervisor.


Locky’s journey with Vestas began when he as an electrician, worked with maintenance and breakdowns of diesel motored trains. One day, he came across a job opening for a service technician at Vestas Waterloo Wind farm and decided to seize the opportunity.

Locky's entry into the job meant thorough training, covering turbine techniques, high voltage shifting, rescue procedures, working at heights, and first aid. Despite already having experience with the tools and fault finding, Locky describe that the training helped him lots in preparing him for new challenges.

"What I learned in that trade, flowed well into the tasks in terms of for example fault finding. I didn't feel like a fish out of water. Of course, I learned a lot as a service technician, but what I learned during my trade was a great foundation for working as a service technician."

In his time as a service technician, Locky and his colleagues actively fostered mutual support, creating an environment where seeking help and sharing ideas were encouraged. They navigated challenges together, all with the shared goal of individual and collective growth. The combination of structured training and a supportive atmosphere provided Locky with an optimal introduction to the world of wind turbines.

“When there were some things that I struggled with, I could always turn back to site to my team and ask questions, going through things, asking for help. Everyone was open to help and share their experience, people want to help you.” 

The challenges inherent in the role, combined with the camaraderie among colleagues, fueled Locky's passion for wind energy. Despite his limited initial knowledge, the field quickly revealed numerous opportunities that captured his attention. As a service technician, Locky had the chance to explore various sites in different locations. After spending time at the Waterloo wind site, he seized the opportunity for a new adventure in Queensland—an opportunity that he and his young family couldn't resist. 

“Something I really appreciated about the job was that these wind farms offer the opportunity for new adventures, meeting new people, and exploring different communities.”

Reflecting on his time as a service technician, Locky describes it as an endless learning curve, with opportunities to challenge oneself, all while surrounded by skilled colleagues eager to support each other in their quest for improvement. Learning from others, all while enjoying a good time and sharing jokes, is something Locky looks back on as some of the most fun and inspiring moments he experienced on his Vestas journey.

“I’ve been a service technician, and I just had an unbelievable time. Really looking back at it, that was definitely some of the most fun times that I had. Learning and working with other people and watching how someone does something different to how you would do it, was something I really appreciated.”

Thriving for several years as a service technician, Locky encountered an exciting opportunity—to lead a new site as a site supervisor. Learning about the opportunity through his former manager, Locky became aware of the position located at Lincoln Gap wind farm. Eager for the challenge, Locky swiftly embraced the opportunity, recognizing it as a pathway to new challenges, fresh adventures, and further personal and professional development.

“When I got asked if I was interested, I didn’t need to think twice about it. It was an instant yes; it was an opportunity to build something from scratch, which was truly what I wanted to do."

The early part of Locky's transitioning from service technician to site supervisor involved navigating daily challenges in a leadership role. Locky tells how he used his network of colleagues to navigate dilemmas, gain perspectives on handling various situations, something he explains that he has consistently been able to do throughout his journey at Vestas.

“I’ve been lucky to work alongside a lot of inspiring people, who have never been shy to answering my questions. I have learned that if you ask a question people are willing to help out and give you an answer.”

Drawing inspiration from former managers, Locky explains how he strives to create a workplace where the team is encouraged to seek assistance, voice ideas, and actively participate. Locky explains the importance of a working culture, where ideas are freely shared, and mistakes are viewed as valuable opportunities for improvement. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of team members connecting through casual chats about life outside of work, contributing not only to professional development but also fostering a positive work atmosphere, fostering the habit of approaching work with a smile.

“It’s the small things for me, the little details that eventually grow into bigger things. Going to work becomes much easier when the environment is right because you look forward to it, you want to rock out in the morning with a smile on your face.”

By Simon Slebsager 

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