Nadine´s Vestas Journey - 16 years with Vestas


Nadine Grace Abild O'Donnell's career at Vestas is a testament to the power of passion, safety, and collaboration. Since joining Vestas in 2008, Nadine has navigated various roles and departments, continually growing and finding new ways to contribute to the company's success. Her journey from working as a Manager Assistant to becoming a Senior Project Manager highlights the importance of challenging oneself, fostering a supportive team environment, and always striving for acheivement. Nadine's inspiring career path shows her commitment to safety, the value of teamwork, and her reflections on pursuing one's passion.

Nadine  joined Vestas in February 2008, beginning her journey as a personal Assistant and Management Assistant in the Contract Review department. This initial role involved coordinating the contract review board, now known as the Deal Execution Forum, where sales prospects were evaluated and approved. Nadine's career at Vestas since spanned to various departments, including risk and legal.

A significant turning point in Nadine’s career came in 2014 when she transitioned to MHI Vestas as a paralegal, igniting her passion for offshore projects. She advanced to the role of Bid Manager and then moved into Project Management within construction. After Vestas acquired MHI Vestas in 2021, Nadine continued managing offshore projects under Vestas. Since 2023, she has served as Senior Project Manager for Customer Project Execution (CPX). Reflecting on her journey from sales to construction and CPX, Nadine explained how she found her niche in a dynamic and operational environment.

“It quickly became a passion of mine—project management. Leading projects to completion and seeing them come to life is incredibly rewarding.”

Transitioning to Project Manager, Nadine underscores the importance of having a supportive and passionate team. She values diversity in thought and background, recognizing that an engaged team brings a wealth of perspectives and strengths. "Working with people who are passionate about their work is so giving. It gives you energy and helps you flip the red arrows to green," Nadine explained. She promotes open communication and mutual respect, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued.

"Handling challenges in offshore projects requires the team to have a willingness to collaborate and a passion for the job. When team members hold these values, their grit, determination, and enthusiasm can drive the project to completion."

Safety has always been a core value for Nadine. She emphasizes that safety is more than a priority; it is a fundamental principle that guides all operations. From ensuring robust safety measures on offshore vessels to introducing mental health support initiatives, Nadine describes how safety is dedicated to protecting her team's well-being. She insists that safety decisions are backed by management, fostering a culture where team members feel supported and secure, which Nadine believes is crucial for projects to succeed.

“One of the most important topics in my field of work would be safety. It’s crucial from a management perspective and a project management perspective that we all make sure that the people working in potentially unsafe environments know we’ve got their backs and are doing everything possible to remove and mitigate all risks.”

One of her notable contributions was addressing the lack of women's facilities on offshore vessels. By advocating for sanitary disposal facilities and chemical toilets, Nadine improved the working conditions for female technicians, highlighting her approach to safety and inclusion.

Reflecting on her Vestas journey, Nadine emphasizes that passion and motivation are key drivers of success. She describes how challenging herself and always working with curiosity and encouragement have helped her grow. Finding her passion for project management has been essential for her long-term fulfillment and is something she finds important in the pursuit of growth.

"For me, it’s about finding your passion. What is it that makes you tick? Try different things, challenge yourself until you find what truly excites you.”


By Simon Slebsager