Anna's Journey: A story of development, leadership, and balance


Anna's journey from a commercial engineer in Sweden to becoming a Vice President Sales at Vestas is a story of growth, challenges, and balance. Moving through roles and countries, her story inspires dedication, leadership, and the importance of enjoying the journey.

Beginning her Vestas career in Sweden, Anna commenced her journey as a commercial engineer. Her role evolved from managing administrative tasks to working as a Sales Manager focusing on the Swedish market, illustrating early on her ability to naturally progress and adapt. However, it wasn’t just her professional growth that stood out; Anna’s journey is also a story of personal development and balance. Anna moved to Edinburgh with her husband and two children, taking on her first director role. This relocation was not just a geographical move but a leap into building and leading the UK onshore sales team amidst organizational changes.

After two years in Scotland, Anna returned to Sweden as a Sales Director, a role she worked in for two years before she got promoted to Vice President for Sales in North and West. Her journey to Vice President came as a natural progression, where she took on the responsibility of overseeing several markets.

Anna characterizes her approach as one of versatility, unlocking potential, and daring to challenge herself and her colleagues, with collaboration at its core. By daring to question and be questioned, Anna explains how this mindset has been a vital asset to her professional growth. She describes how close collaboration with colleagues, emphasizing mutual support and shared learning, has played a significant role to her professional development. Anna considers this collaborative spirit, combined with adaptability and dedication to improvement, as vital for driving progress and nurturing team development.

"Embracing flexibility and try to utilize all of the great minds we have within the team has always been a priority to me. Challenging ourselves and the status quo, while supporting each other's growth, has been key to our collective success and my personal development."

Anna explains how her educational background in business and informatics from the School of Economics in Lund provided her with a solid foundation blending key principles of commerce with technological insight, helpful for navigating the dynamic renewable energy sector.

However, it was her innate curiosity and her interest in the energy transition that led her to Vestas. Vestas´ global footprint and commitment to the energy transition resonated with her, aligning seamlessly with her passion for the commercial aspects of the energy transition.  

Throughout her career, Anna describes how she has tried to face challenges head-on, whether it was adapting to new roles, rebuilding teams, or navigating organizational changes. Her relocation to Edinburgh was a defining moment, not just professionally but personally, as it offered her and her family a new adventure. Despite the challenges posed by such a significant move, including the arrival of COVID-19, Anna’s resilience and the support from Vestas ensured a successful tenure in the UK.

"Moving to Edinburgh was a significant leap, both professionally and personally. It was about more than just a new role; it was a whole new adventure for me and my family. An opportunity and adventure I wouldn’t be without.”

Anna describes that being both humble and bold is crucial for a team and for a leader. She believes in the power of collaboration, leveraging the collective expertise of her team to navigate complex challenges. Her approach is not just about achieving professional milestones but also about contributing to Vestas' larger mission of driving the renewable energy transition.

"For me, it's about finding a balance between being bold and being humble. It's crucial to challenge and be open to be challenged”

Reflecting on her journey, Anna emphasizes the importance of enjoying the ride and staying present, highlighting how much fun she's had tackling various challenges across different countries, working, and learning alongside her colleagues. This blend of enjoyment and collaboration, coupled with the ability to handle uncertainty and constant change, has been central to her experience. Embracing the unpredictable nature of the industry with a positive attitude has not only been a valuable skill but has also allowed her to seize each opportunity with enthusiasm, making her career at Vestas both rewarding and enjoyable.

"My journey at Vestas has meant fully dedicating myself to the present, enjoying the collaboration and fun along the way. It's the shared laughter and teamwork in tackling challenges that have made every step rewarding and enjoyable."


By Simon Slebsager