Efficiently manage your wind asset portfolio at scale

Scipher®.Vx+: Asset Management

Scipher®.Vx+ helps manage renewable energy assets at scale, providing live monitoring, remote operations, and performance management for wind turbines from major OEMs. Offering a centralized user interface for streamlined fleet management, supporting various data sources and industry protocols.


Efficiently manage your wind asset portfolio at scale

Scipher®.Vx+ offers a comprehensive SaaS solution for managing renewable energy assets, providing live monitoring, remote operations, and performance management. Designed for efficiency, it covers all day-to-day operational needs in one centralized user interface, catering to wind assets at various levels: portfolio, site, and individual turbine.

Scipher®.Vx features

Integrated CMS & SCADA Analysis

Analyze various parameters to detect potential issues before they occur, ensuring proactive maintenance and operations.

Detailed Turbine Data Access

Access real-time data at fleet, site, turbine, or component level, including generation, availability, turbine events, and component metrics.

Efficient Work Order Management

Create, manage, and track work orders from start to finish. Facilitate action-based insights and keep teams updated on work order statuses.

Timely Alerts and Communication

Receive email alerts for quick action on potential issues, reducing the need for manual parameter checks.

Grid Data Monitoring and Visualization

Monitor grid data, receive alerts, and take corrective actions for any deviations from set limits.

Comprehensive Production Loss Analysis

View and categorize production losses by performance, breakdown, curtailment, derate, and icing.

Regular reporting

Receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports via email for a complete overview of your portfolio, farm, or turbine.

Budget management tools

Create, view, edit, and delete budgets at both wind farm and individual turbine levels.

NERC GADS reporting

Access wind performance data for the Generating Availability Data System (GADS), ensuring compliance and informed decision-making.

Experience Seamless Operations Management

With Scipher®.Vx+, gain unparalleled control over your renewable energy assets. Streamline operations, enhance performance, and make informed decisions with our all-in-one SaaS product.

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