Centralized SaaS-based tool for real-time turbine monitoring

Scipher®.Vx: Asset Monitoring

From operations to asset management and business development, one centralized and comprehensive asset visualization tool.

Centralized SaaS-based tool for real-time turbine monitoring

Scipher®.Vx offers a centralized and comprehensive SaaS solution for monitoring the status and conditions of every turbine in your portfolio. Access real-time information and asset conditions anytime, from anywhere in the world, through our secure and scalable cloud platform.

Scipher Vx features

Real-Time and Historical Asset Performance

View a complete overview of your asset's performance, both current and historical.

Operational Metrics at Your Fingertips

Easily access key metrics such as generation, machine availability, and capacity factor.

Comprehensive Performance Assessment

Evaluate the performance of individual turbines or your entire fleet efficiently.

Advanced Data Analysis Tools

visual reporting for CMS low frequency historic trend data analysis, including alert limits and power class filtering.

Alarm Management

Stay informed with active and closed alarm notifications. Supports Universal File Format (UFF) and KinX files for turbines with an export option.

Universal Accessibility

Access on multiple browsers and devices, stay connected with wind assets wherever you are.

Multilingual Support

Available in English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese

Inclusion in Service Contracts: Scipher.Vx is included in new AOM 2000 service contracts and above.

Scipher®.Vx: Asset visualization and turbine monitoring 

Optimize turbine performance with Scipher®.Vx: Real-time monitoring, multilingual support, and advanced data analysis. Elevate your asset management now!

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