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Digital Procurement

Procurement in Vestas is moving towards a digital future – with one portal for supplier collaboration. For our suppliers, this entails a new and digital way of interacting and transacting with Vestas.

Digital Procurement covers the implementation of SAP Ariba in Vestas. The implementation offers one portal for Vestas to collaborate effectively with suppliers when we buy, invoice, select, negotiate agreements, and manage information and relationships – all in a simple, compliant and efficient way.

Scroll down to learn more about the specific Ariba modules that we are already using. You will also find our Supplier Quick Guides to help you get started and complete your tasks in Ariba.

Please watch the video below for a quick overview or see the Supplier Introduction & FAQ to learn more about the initiative.

Quick Links

Supplier Introduction & FAQ >

Need help? Contact Vestas Ariba team >

Information and benefits of Supply Chain Financing and Ariba

Getting started

Vestas is continuously onboarding suppliers to Ariba based on region. You will be contacted by Vestas when we start onboarding suppliers in your region.

Already on Ariba? If you want to transact with Vestas through Ariba already now, please contact the
Vestas Ariba team >

Digital Supplier Lifecycle Management

We use this module to integrate the supplier creation, maintenance, and qualification processes, ensuring better control and compliance. As a supplier, you will need to sign up and register with Vestas in Ariba, as this is requisite for other modules. You can also use this module to update your supplier development plan as well as update your master data when your information changes. See the Supplier Quick Guides to learn more.

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Ariba registration video guides (local languages)

Video: Ariba sign-up guide (Spanish)

This module is currently live in the following countries:
Austria; Belgium; Bosnia; Bulgaria; Canada; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; Georgia; Germany; Hungary; Ireland; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; South Africa; Sweden; Switzerland; Tanzania; Ukraine; United Kingdom; USA

Digital PO & Invoice

We use this module to send purchase orders, order confirmations and invoices between Vestas and our suppliers, making the process faster and more accurate. As a supplier, you will receive purchase orders from Vestas through this module. For all orders received through Ariba, please send your order confirmations and invoices to Vestas through Ariba. See the Supplier Quick Guides to learn more.

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This module is currently live in the following countries: 
Canada; Denmark; Germany; Spain; USA

Digital Sourcing

We use this module as a strategic sourcing environment to initiate and manage various sourcing events, including RFIs, RFPs, and eAuctions. As a supplier, you will be invited for sourcing events through Ariba, where you can provide responses in an efficient and transparent way. (Please note, Vestas will contact you prior to inviting you for events through Ariba). See the Supplier Quick Guides to learn more.

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Digital Contracting

We use this module to draft, review, manage and store agreement documents, including contracts and NDAs. As a supplier, you can use the module to access and review agreement documents. With DocuSign, you can easily sign contracts and NDAs digitally. See the Supplier Quick Guides to learn more.

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