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With Vestas as your Parts & Repair partner you benefit from our scale and global reach. Through local support and expertise we advise you on which parts and tailor-made repair solutions that fit your asset management strategy and needs.

Benefit from the combination of a truly global supply chain and a strong local presence to decrease your O&M costs. Through local support and superior expertise we advise you on which parts and tailor-made repair solutions that fit your asset management strategy and needs. 

Parts & Repair at a glance


Our Service organization operates in more than 59 countries making it one of the largest service providers in the industry.


We offer you access to industry's largest network of global and local parts suppliers.


That's how many parts our Service organization supplies every year.


Prevent performance loss
Protecting your components from developing serious damage is critical to ensure your business case. Inspections are an accurate and inexpensive service to assess how you can take a proactive approach to minimize or even prevent serious damage to your components. Early discovery of potential damages contributes to the extension of turbine lifetime to exceed the original 20-year life design and ensures turbine availability when it is most profitable to you.
Inspection is a proactive, preventive process that detects premature damages before they develop into critical issues, demanding costly repair or exchange solutions.

High quality, flexible inspection methods
Depending on turbine characteristics, customer preferences, and site conditions, Vestas provides a broad range of inspection methods for assessing both Vestas and non-Vestas turbines.

These methods include camera, telescope, endoscope and drone technology.
To ensure the shortest downtime possible, inspections are typically conducted with a telescope (20x magnification and 60mm diameter) and a camera with 17.9 recorded megapixels or more. However, inspection methods can be tailored in close dialogue with your local service team to cover site-specific requirements.

Inspection Reporting
Once we have conducted the inspection, our technical experts analyze the collected data to identify root causes. The results are delivered in a comprehensive report, which includes a clear outline of any damage and recommended solutions based on the most cost-effective repair solutions and industry-leading upgrades.
The report is submitted directly to you in plain language, so you can assess your different options. The report will also include detailed images of all areas of the component and detailed defect clarifications.


Industry-leading repair solutions
Chosing the right repair solution at the right time is critical when taking care of your components and thereby your turbines’ performance. Our parts and repair set-up allow you to access to a one-stop repair shop, where all your service needs are covered, from preventive inspections to advanced repairs.

Partner up with expert repair capabilities
High quality and fast repairs are critical to your turbines’ performance. With Vestas as your service partner, you can be confident that your turbine will be back in optimal operating mode as fast as possible after any repair solution. By offering you a wide and cost-effective range of valuable solutions, we ensure that your business operates smoothly. We strive to deliver unique, stand-alone repair solutions, which are designed to benefit our non-contract customers and ISPs. Our repair solutions are based on extensive field experience, quality, innovation, and timely execution, and our highly developed up tower capabilities enables you to save both time and money.

We are continouously developing multibrand solutions, and currently offer inspections, cosmetic repairs, and leading and trailing edge repair solutions for Nordex, Suzlon, GE and Gamesa turbines.


Parts (major/minor)

We deliver you high-quality, thoroughly tested, original parts and consumables at a competitive price. Whether you order original or non-original parts we guarantee you products which always live up to the Vestas Approved Quality Standard.

  • Main Components
  • New or refurbished main components ready for you at any time
  • Minor Components
  • Tested and proven parts to secure the longest lifetime of your turbine
  • Consumables
  • The  industry’s largest sourcing setup ensuring competitive prices for you


Global supply chain, local presence
Vestas distributes more than 1.100,000 parts per year and co-operate with more than 1,000 suppliers globally, to make sure that your costs are minimized. With 19 warehouses around the globe, and more than 19,000 parts on stock, we ensure that your turbines return to production in the shortest time possible, independent on the type of part you may need.

    Shop Vestas


    Vestas is now introducing an efficient and transparent digital eCommerce channel. Our ambition is to provide you with a simple and convenient way for identifying and ordering your spare parts and consumables.

    Initially, Shop Vestas list our 5,000 best-selling parts and consumables, and will enable you to request quotes on these items, as well as non-listed items. Shop Vestas is your easy way to find and order the right parts for your turbine and get access to the largest spare part catalogue in the world.

    During 2016 we will introduce improved navigation & search, enriched product information, greater product range, and other great functionalities. If you are interested in learning more about Shop Vestas, please contact your local Vestas representative.